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  • SEO vs. SMO Defined: What's the Difference?

SEO vs. SMO Defined: What's the Difference?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) are two of the biggest challenges of webmasters and bloggers, as both can greatly affect the amount of traffic a website or blog attracts. But is search engine optimization of your page hindering your SMO activities (and vice versa) or can they co-exist? And what are the gaps so parallels between the two?

For years now, SEO has been a common activity among website owners. Although search engine optimization remains largely a mystery for many webmasters and bloggers, the basic concepts are, and still are, relatively simple.

Although SEO is undeniably successful, a relatively small number of websites are designed for most professional services because of a general lack of knowledge and a high price tag. Besides the price, many neglect SEO because it's hard to produce immediate results, and it takes time for real increases in search traffic.

This post will take a look at SEO vs. SMO to see the differences in traffic numbers and website value.


Search Engine Optimisation uses a variety of different methods to rank your website high on the results pages of the search engine (SERPs). These methods include:

Keyword planning: - keyword planning is the process of selecting a specific keyword(s) on each page of the website to be targeted. This is vital for SEO as a clear keyword strategy means that pages for the same search terms will not compete with each other. There will be a specific purpose for each page.

Good Quality Optimized:-Copy Each website page needs a unique, optimized copy that focuses on specific keywords to rank high on Google. The copy must be well-written and easily comprehensible.

Meta Title:-  & Summary Ensuring that each of the web pages has a special meta title (the website name telling Google what the site is about) and a meta description (the text fragment shown below the SERP title) is another important part of SEO. 
Link Building: - Link Building is a part of SEO aimed at gaining links from other websites. Each link from a reputable source to your website is a good sign for Google, as these references are indeed' votes' for your website. Combined, it applies to the website's popularity. Therefore, the purpose of building links is to obtain high-quality links to increase the website's ranking status.


Social Media Optimization is a digital marketing method aimed at making your social media platforms sufficiently engaging to bring traffic to the website.

Create content that can be shared:-Increasing social links via SMO involves developing content that people want to share and link to. Of example, having a blog on your website is perfect for this SMO approach as it can be conveniently linked to.

Make content sharing easy: - This SMO method involves adding share and social link buttons to your website and blog to encourage sharing, recommendation, or bookmarking.

Providing User Experience: - This involves providing outbound links to your website, even though it will not help drive traffic to your website. This allows the website to build a loyal base of fans that will see you as a source of knowledge. When Google's rank brain algorithm determines what important tools should be at the top of the SERPs, relevant information always assists with SEO. 

Rewarding Loyal Followers:-This type of Social Media Optimization involves rewarding your loyal followers with the occasional' thank you,' following back, or even winning the competition. You will obtain a faithful supporter for life by letting them know that you appreciate their support.    

The benefits of SMO can sometimes be seen faster than the benefits of SEO, depending on the business. If you stop updating and optimising your social media platforms then traffic can decrease rapidly.

On the other side, SEO is longer-term. If you achieve a high-ranking position for your website through SEO, if you decrease your SEO efforts for a day or two, it is less likely that you will lose mass traffic.

Furthermore, although they have different driving strategies, each business marketing plan must ensure that SEO and SMO operate together in tandem to attract as many unique visitors as possible to your website.

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