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You can support Andy and his family and show your support with a fantastic Argyle Advantage T-Shirt  [Adult] and [Kid] sizes are available.  Spread the word the more the better.

This is the home of the Argyle Advantage Mojave Death Race Team.  The Mojave Death Race is a desert relay with running, road biking and mountain biking legs, the race starts and ends in Nipton,Ca near the California/Nevada state line and is run through the Mojave National Preserve.  This team is a collection of people who did not run, did not scream and did not laugh when I approached them about joining this effort.  In the time between when I first was introduced to this race and when the team really started to come together some things had changed and some new people have stepped in as interested (or at least not running away screaming “you are MAD Sam, Loony”).  I broke my ankle in mid-November and was worried that I was going to not be able to enter this crazy race.  Things are looking good, I am back on the bike (road and mountain) and think that I am good to go.  

The other event that has set me pondering is that one of the original people that I approached about this idea has had some rough news he was recently diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer.  I have decided to dedicate my efforts to put together a team to him and to work to use it to raise some money to help him and his family (Melissa, and his two daughters).  I am working with his aunt (my mother-in-law) to design some t-shirts to sell in honor of him.  All proceeds from the shirts will go to his family.  I am also going to try to do a cycling version of the shirt as well as a performance running shirt for the participants, if there is interest in those I'll look into taking orders with a small margin that would add to the donation to Andy's family.  The cost of those will depend on the interest but will probably be in the $60 range.

So the big question what is the deal with Argyle.  This is in honor of Andy and you should read his words about the Argyle Advantage and he can also fill you in on the  Rest Of The Story.  Andy is an amazing rider, friend, and father, I hope you are interested in helping to support this and to participate in the Mojave Death Race.  Every ride I have done since hearing about Andy I have tried to wear at least a little argyle to remind me of him.

So how can you help?  We are selling a version of our team shirts through TeeSpring and the links to ordering these will be live as soon as the design is done. TeeSpring is a way for us to sell the shirts online, they handle the billing, the shipping and the inventory but there is a twist.  So we will set a minimum number of shirts that we think we can sell and that determines the base cost of the shirts and what ever we set the price for the shirts above that is all profit that will go strait to Andy and his family, to do with as they see fit.  Only if we sell that minimum number of sales will your credit cards get billed and the shirts will be printed.  If we sell more then the minimum then all those get printed and shipped and even more money gets donated to Andy and his family.  However, we HAVE to sell that minimum.  If there is interest in having me set up a campaign with another style of shirt, like a performance wicking t let me know and I will get on that.

If you just want to donate to Andy and his family there is a link on top right of this page where you can do that.  Please note this goes through Paypal and they WILL take there cut.  You may just want to stick some money in an envelope and send it to him.

The idea of the shirts is to capture the argyle story but also to honor Andy’s mom and dad who were very active runners, and riders and who have passed away in recent years.  Well and the mustache that Andy had that inspired me to keep growing mine until the race is done or he is in remission.

The other thing you can do is to get out and DO SOMETHING, go for a ride, go play some music, be active and live.  If you are on Strava think of joining our Club

I hope you consider supporting us on this crazy mad endeavor.  Please if send people here the more the merrier.

Sam DeVore

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