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  • Top Health Benefits of Adaptogen Supplements that You Need to Know

Top Health Benefits of Adaptogen Supplements that You Need to Know

Adaptogen supplements are one of many adaptogen forms that are available in the market today; it is also the easiest way to take adaptogen into the body to combat stress, fatigue, anxiety, and prevent the development of depression. But did you know that adaptogens can do more than just counteracting the effects of stress?

Adaptogens were first studied and developed during the World War II to boost the health of the pilots into greater levels; in fact, it was called as “super pill” because it allows the pilots to fly faster, better, and for a longer period. However, evidence has shown that ancient Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine have been using adaptogenic herbs to treat various diseases other than combating stress.

So, why should you choose adaptogen supplement over other supplements for stress? Simple, here are the top health benefits of adaptogen supplement that you need to know:

1.    It helps boost physical performance

Berries such as Goji berry and Schisandra berry that are found in some adaptogen supplements have the ability to boost endurance to intense physical activities, working capacity, and improves energy. Also, it helps boost mental and physical performance, sense of well-being, the ability to focus and being calm, and it helps improve sleep.

2.    It helps boost immunity

Mushrooms that are added to adaptogen supplements are known to have immunomodulating properties. According to the experts, the medicinal mushrooms contain high levels of potent beta glucans that helps boost the immune system and optimizes the body’s response to infection and diseases.

3.    It helps improve cognitive function

The ginseng, particularly Siberian ginseng, has the ability to increase the cell oxygenation, which boosts cognitive function, mental clarity, and memory. The Rhodiola Rosea that is commonly present in best adaptogens in supplement form promotes mental focus.

4.    It is a powerhouse

Adaptogens are a combination of different potent and non-toxic herbs that contains a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds. Also, it contains phytonutrients that help speed up the physical performance and recovery to physical stress, which benefits athletes the most. But, there’s more to that, recent studies have shown that adaptogen helps protect the heart, lowers the cholesterol level in the body, and even fights cancer formation – a powerhouse indeed. If you check this page out, you’ll find different adaptogen supplement that can help you keep up to everyday stress and activity.

5.    It helps balances your hormones

Since you encounter daily stressors, chances are, some of your hormones drop down. Fortunately, adaptogens are developed to support the production of hormones, even during intense physical activities.

Also, there are numbers of medical literature that emphasizes the following far-reaching health benefits that adaptogen provides:

•    Lowers cortisol levels
•    Regenerate the brain cells
•    Protects the heart
•    Alleviates anxiety and depression
•    Prevents cancer formation
•    Protects the liver
•    Lowers cholesterol level
•    Decreases the effects of fatigue
•    Protects the body from the effects of radiation and radiation itself

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of good reasons to love adaptogen supplement; all you need to do is read a reliable review for more details about the best adaptogen supplement in the market today.

Dave King

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