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(A) NEW MEMBERS - Joining the DHPC for the first time (there are 2 steps required).

Scroll down the page to see the Membership Fee & Payment Options.

1. Join 'GroupSpaces' by clicking on Join Group and complete the Application Form to join.

  • Sign-in to your 'GroupSpaces' account using your chosen Password. ('your name' should be displayed top right of your Browser window, next to the 'Help' Button, when you are signed-in). Please remember your chosen Password, you will need it to renew your membership each year.

2. Now…(making sure you are still signed in to your 'GroupSpacesaccount) immediately make payment to the DHPC by clicking on the Shop Tab in the Navigation bar above, and purchasing the appropriate Membership subscription.

Please DO NOT try to make payment unless you have already joined 'GroupSpaces' by clicking 'Join Group' and filling in the application form. You MUST join 'GroupSpaces' first and SIGN IN - BEFORE making payment! 

  • If you try to pay before joining 'GroupSpaces' your payment will NOT get allocated to your membership, and it will fail to go through.
  • If you have previously registered with 'GroupSpaces' just add the DHPC to your 'Group' list, then make payment.
  • If you join 'GroupSpaces' but do not make immediate payment to join the DHPC, you have 10 days in which to do so, before your application is deleted. You will only get a confirmation approval email once your payment has gone through.

NOTE: Your membership of the DHPC will NOT be approved by a Group Manager until you have COMPLETED YOUR PAYMENT ! 

If you have only joined GroupSpaces but not paid the Club Membership Fee you are NOT a member of the DHPC until you do so. You will only receive a welcome email once you have paid the Membership Fee.


(B) EXISTING MEMBERS - Renewing your Yearly Membership. 

1. Sign-in to your existing 'GroupSpacesaccount using your original chosen password and then pay your yearly membership subscription by clicking on the 'SHOP' Tab above.

You do NOT have to rejoin GroupSpaces with a fresh account everytime your subscription is due. Just login with the same password you used to set up your original 'GroupSpacesaccount.

Standing Orders: If your Club Membership is paid by Standing Order your Bank will automatically pay your yearly subscription on or around the 1st April each year. You do not have to set up another Standing Order each year.
However, if your pay via Bank Transfer/PayPal or Credit/Debit Card or by Cheque, you must pay your membership fee each year when the subscription is due before 1st April.)


BHPA minimum Pilot ratings for our sites

  • Dunstable Downs - CLUB PILOT (CP): Members must be a minimum of BHPA Club Pilot (Hill) Rated, and will be issued with a lifetime helmet Airspace Sticker (BEFORE flying at Dunstable for the first time) to show that they have completed the mandatory Airspace Briefing.
  • Chinnor and Sharpenhoe - PILOT (P): Members must be a minimum of BHPA Pilot (Hill) Rated and should receive a site briefing from a DHPC Club member before flying for the first time.
  • Holmbeck Farm - CLUB PILOT (CP/power): Our site for Powered Paragliders & Hang-gliders. Members must be a minimum of BHPA Club Pilot (Power) Rated and should receive an airfield briefing from a DHPC Club member before flying at this airfield for the first time.


Airspace Briefing

This briefing is required to fly at Dunstable Downs:

  • If you have just joined the Club as a Full Member (£20) and you wish to fly at Dunstable Downs, you should now email the Lead Coach to arrange for the Airspace Briefing. These are usually held at The Gateway Visitors Centre on Dunstable Downs on flyable weekends and summer evenings as notified on our Club Facebook page.
  • Please do NOT turn up unannounced at Dunstable Downs and expect an Airspace Brief (especially midweek), as you will have totally wasted your journey and you will NOT be able to fly. All briefings must be arranged in advance by contacting the Lead Coach.
  • An Airspace Briefing document PDF is available, click here to download. 

Pilots who do NOT have an helmet Airspace Sticker are NOT allowed to fly at Dunstable Downs.

No Sticker - No Flying - No Exceptions! 


 1 April to 31 March

DHPC Membership starts each year on the 1st April and expires the following year on the 31st March.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a NEW Member joining the Club between the 1st January and the 31st March - READ BELOW:

  • New members that join in the last three months of the DHPC membership year (1st January - 31st March) will have their memberships carried forward to the following year, effectively giving you up to 15 months membership for the price of 12.
  • For example: if you join the club on the 1st January 2017 your Club Membership expires on 31st March 2018
    Your yearly Club membership card also has the expiry date printed on it.
  • Please also note: Club Membership reminder emails are sent out automatically each year to ALL club members during March 2017. You can ignore these reminders (this year) as your membership is valid until 2018. You do NOT have to pay again until April 2018.



  • FULL MEMBERSHIP (£20 per year) - this allows club members to fly at all our sites; Dunstable Downs, Chinnor, Sharpenhoe Clappers & Holmbeck Farm (for Powered Paragliders and Hang-Gliders only). An Airspace Brief is mandatory BEFORE flying at Dunstable Downs for the first time, and upon completion a lifetime Airspace Helmet Sticker is issued to all Full Members
  • LIMITED MEMBERSHIP (£5 per year) - this allows club members to ONLY fly at Chinnor, Sharpenhoe Clappers & Holmbeck Farm, but NOT Dunstable Downs. You do NOT need to pass the Airspace Brief and you do NOT need an Airspace Sticker. This option is intended for those members that do not wish to fly at Dunstable Downs, but would still like access to the other Dunstable Club sites, notably Sharpenhoe for record breaking cross-country flights. Note: This Membership option is NOT available to BHPA Club Pilot (Hill) rated pilots wanting to hill fly at Chinnor and Sharpenhoe, as these are both BHPA Pilot (Hill) rated sites. However, SPHG Club Pilots (Power) may use Holmbeck Farm for Powered Paragliders and Hang-gliders.



  • You can pay online using PayPal or Credit Card / Debit Card. 
  • You can pay by sending a Cheque (made payable to the DHPC) to the DHPC Membership Secretary (see address below).
  • You can pay by Bank Transfer.
  • You can pay by setting up a Standing Order for £18 or £5. (£18 - Full Membership / £5 - Limited Membership).

To pay by PayPal (or Credit Card/Debit Card): please pay by visiting the Shop on our website and select the appropriate subscription.

To pay by Cheque: Download and print out this Membership Form for paying by cheque and post the completed form to:

The DHPC Membership Secretary, 16 Judith Gardens, Potton, Beds SG19 2RJ 

To pay by Bank Transfer or Standing Order: then please send your payment to:

Account no: 81470965

Sort Code: 40-46-08

Reference: (your Name and BHPA number)

  • Bank Transfers. Please quote your Name and BHPA number as the reference. Please also email the DHPC Treasurer and advise that you have paid by Bank Transfer. The DHPC Treasurer will mark your membership as paid once receipt of payment has been verified.
  • Standing Orders. Full Members that pay by Standing Order receive a £2 discount and pay £18Limited Members (Chinnor / Sharpenhoe / Holmbeck Farm Only) members can also pay by Standing Order, but there is no discount. Please set up Standing Orders for £18 or £5 (according your Membership Option) and set to pay on or around the 1st April. Please also make sure that the Standing Order Reference has your Name and BHPA number, so we know who the payment is from. Please also email the DHPC Treasurer and advise that you have paid by Standing Order.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you pay by Standing Order then you can ignore the automatic membership reminder emails that are sent out by our Club in March each year. Your Club Membership is paid automatically by your Bank and they will continue to pay your yearly Standing Order subscription on or around the 1st April each year, until you notify your Bank to stop payment. You DO NOT have to set up another Standing Order every year.

…and finally, welcome to the Dunstable Hang-gliding and Paragliding Club.

Tony Aldhous
DHPC Membership Secretary

Lisa Wood
DHPC Treasurer

Dunstable Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

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