Using the club cycle trailer.

There is no insurance cover for the trailer itself.

Towing the Trailer:-  

An individual towing the trailer must have at least third party cover to tow a trailer.  Most private motor insurance policies included this as standard.   You must however check that your policy explicitly states that you are insured whilst towing a trailer. If it does not, you must either have this added to your insurance policy or you must not tow the trailer.

Points to note when towing a trailer;

·      The weight of the trailer and contents must be within the vehicles towing ability and not more than 85% of the car’s kerb weight if the trailer has brakes, or 50% if it doesn’t.  Our trailer does not have brakes.

·      Maximum trailer width in the UK and EU is 2.55m

·      Indicators, lights and brakes (where fitted) must work and you must display the correct number plate for the towing vehicle on your trailer

·      Depending on when you passed your driving test (before or after 01.01.97), the towing allowance will differ

·      Speed limits whilst towing on UK roads are 60mph for motorways and dual carriageways and 50mph on single carriageway roads except where signs indicate a lower limit. You must not use the outside lane of a motorway

Insurance for your bike whilst on the trailer:-

Neither Cycle Somerset nor the drivers of the trailer, provide insurance for your cycle whilst it is on the trailer.

Your bike is therefore not insured against fire, theft or accidental damage whilst on the Cycle Somerset Trailer unless you have your own insurance cover for these eventualities.   Your bike may however be covered (for theft as a minimum) by your own house and contents policy, provided it is securely locked whilst on the trailer (which we do). The onus is on the individual to check if your bike is insured!

Need to insure your bike, there are a number of options out there; Cycling UK Cyclecover and Wiggle Cycle insurance for example, but it usually works out cheaper to get it included on your home policy. Which ever option you choose, make sure that policy provides a sufficient level of cover for your requirements.

Last updated 7th November 2017

Third Party Liability Insurance

In the event of an incident where you are being blamed for causing injury or damage to property, third party liability will cover your legal fees and court awarded damages. Membership of Cycle Somerset does not provide you with any personal insurance and we therefore strongly recommend that all our members take out their own third party liability cover.  

Although there are many different schemes, Cycle Somerset is affiliated to Cycling UK and endorses the third party insurance scheme made available to all FULL Cycling UK members. To join Cycling UK, follow this link, or (if you are a current, paid-up member of Cycle Somerset) use the form attached below to join Cycling UK as an affiliated member for a reduced rate with reduced member benefits. For more information about Cycling UK, please speak to Stephen.  You should also check your home contents insurance policy to see if you have public liability cover included within it, and if this covers you whilst riding your bicycle.

Last updated: 7th November 2017


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We strongly recommend that our members take out their own insurance for theft of their cycle and third party liability as Cycle Somerset membership does NOT provide you with any form of insurance - even when on our club cycle trailer.[more]

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