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Having trouble receiving emails in New Yahoo Mail?

What could be more annoying than not able to receive any emails in your New Yahoo! mail account?

This is something that really bothers you, when you can send emails, but you are unable to receive emails in your own Yahoo! Mail inbox. Well, we have some quick fix for this concern. You can take help from these troubleshooting tips; yet, make sure to follow the order.

Troubleshooting tips 1 - Check if your account has any errors

In order to find the exact issue with your Yahoo Mail account when you are unable to get any emails in your New Yahoo! Mail account; start with checking your own account. This needs you to sign in to your Yahoo! account with some computer and send a test mail to your own account.

ü  In case, you get an error; then you need to address it and get it fixed with the best possible solution

ü  In case, you don't get an error; then your account is working perfectly fine; you need to go with the next troubleshooting tip

Troubleshooting tips 2 - Check your account settings

There are some email filters and settings which prevents some mails to get into your inbox. You just need to review them and fix it if needed.

ü  Spam folder – You need to check your Spam Folder to figure out, if there is some issue with a particular sender when it has been incorrectly marked as spam

ü  Email filters – If you are using email filter with your Yahoo! Mail box or you have some email filters activated, there are chances to get your important mails too get filtered out. Simply, review the email filter and check if you have mentioned some keyword which you should allow

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Troubleshooting tips 3 - Have the sender check their account

What if the issue is not at your end! This could be an issue that you are unable to get emails in your Yahoo! mail account, but the issue is not with your Yahoo account. There could be some issue with the sender’s ends or server. You need to check with your sender and figure out these following tips.

ü  Confirm with your sender that they have entered your full email address correctly

ü  You can also suggest them to contact their email provider for further assistance, because you don’t have any issue with your Yahoo! Mail account

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