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Add-on Integration problem in Outlook

In 2012, Microsoft discontinued the Windows Live to introduce “” Microsoft’s email service is Outlook now earlier it was Hotmail and followed by Windows Live Hotmail.

In Outlook, you can only send a message if the SMTP Server Settings are correct. There are a couple of connectors and plug-ins (Add-ons) which will allow your Outlook to work like a local mail and you can use it offline as well.  These Add-ons sometimes acts very funny and disturb the integration process in the Outlook as a result; we get some problems and issues in Outlook.  Let’s see what kind of problems you may get in near future if you aren’t lucky enough to deal with it.

If you have recently installed a new antivirus or anti-malware program then you might find difficulty while using Add-ons.  These program prevent the necessary network traffic as a result, Outlook Add-ons doesn’t work properly. Add in the white list or always allow list so that can communicate to the Microsoft’s server easily and smoothly. It is recommended that you install anti-virus from reputed sources, never buy or install anti-virus or anti-malware program from unknown sources. Keep updating your operating system always as Microsoft releases very important security updates regularly. These updates help Add-ons integration work properly.

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Keep your browser up to date with the latest available updates. If you are facing issues while using then switch to another browser or device.

Make sure the network connection which you are using is stable. If the connection is slow or there is latency in the network, Outlook Add-ons won’t work properly. Avoid downloading heavy files while using especially files via torrent client. These clients consume all the bandwidth as a result, Outlook doesn’t work perfectly fine. If you aren’t able to attach any file, most of the time it is due to the bad connection so make sure that the connection you are using is fast and stable with zero latency. Contact your network administrator or call your internet service provider for help in case you are facing connection issue. 

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