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Share our writing and a session on Descriptive Writing

Monday, 10th March 2014 at 8pm - 10pm

Location: My House

This event is in the past.

Hi All,

Great to meet you all again and after the kick - off meeting, we are all now ready to start the writing journey together.

So as discussed at the kick off meeting:
Next Meeting on Monday March 10th , 8 to 10 pm at my house. I will send my address and directions by email to the RSVP list nearer the time.
So if you are attending you will need to RSVP to get the directions. Thank you.

Exercise to prepare in advance:
This exercise is about connecting to the heart of your passions.
1) Take a topic that is deeply important to you. Something you love (a place, a person, a thing, this can be anything) But when you think of 'something you love', it has to be something you could not live without or would break your heart if you didn't have in your life. Alternatively take a topic on something you hate, something you seriously and deeply strongly oppose, when you think of 'something you hate', it would have to be something that if you had a magic wand you would change instantly.
2) Write about your chosen topic in any way you want. You can write it in first person, third person; it can be prose or dialogue or a mixture; it can be a poem. Write in the way that comes most natural to you. This is about exploring your preferred way to write and allowing your natural voice to flow.

Then when we meetup, we can share our writing confidentally within the group !! And gain good feedback.

Topic and Tips for next meetup:
We are going to delve into descriptive writing, sharing tips and techniques ; bearing in mind that writing is always a communication, writing is not a technique to me. There is no right or wrong way as we explore our writing.

I look forward to seeing you all again.
I'm really delighted to share this with you all and wonderful to reconnect again tonight!!

Also check out the news feed here, I have published one of my simple poems :-)

All my best,


Creative Writing Ireland

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