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Subject matters.....

"Your story should be 2000--2500 words on any subject........." 

Entering competitions is a great way of expanding experience and it's good to stick your head above the parapet, creatively speaking. What's the worst that can happen? For me, the worst has already happened.  My MOTHER doesn't like my style.  Crushing. Yet undefeated, I write more, stick my head up again.....

My question is this.  How to approach the competitions with no set theme? When I'm asked to write on any subject, I fel overwhelmed. Good grief, ANY subject? In all the whirling mass of ideas and inspirations, thoughts and reflections, just stick a pin somewhere and off we go?
I find it brings me to a dead halt.

Anyone have a technique to approach the themeless, subjectless, random short story competition?

WHat is important to you?
What are you passionate about?
What do you LOVE to convey / talk about?
What makes you REALLY tick?

Aghhhh Katriona, don't you just love the fact that I reply to your question with so many more!

We miss you in Ireland!

Creative Writing Ireland

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