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Keepin' the faith

Hi everyone. 
Now I live in Edinburgh, I feel quite envious of the meet ups and connections going on in Galway!

I'm looking for hints and tips--any suggestions on a subject I imagine will be close to all our hearts----how to find the discipline to keep writing, day after day?

Writing is the thing I love best.  Why do I constantly avoid that clean, bright, empty page? The dishes will need doing again later, the laundry/bills/insert mundane task here activities are daily and inevitable.
For me, it's not a question of finding the time (although that's probably an issue for many of us), but of priorities.

What are your thoughts?

Hi katriona, we miss you too in Maireads meet ups. I'll be honest,  the meet ups give me that extra push to write something in between work, gym, ect... Even a page on whatever pops into my head and I'm happy :-) is there any meet up writing groups in your area? Maybe you could start one! Congrats on the competition,  I thought your essay was fab. Hope the move is going ok, Trisha

Ladies - You both may enjoy this :-)


Creative Writing Ireland

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