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Organization Name: Church of Christ and social service Organization.

Contact Person Name: BRO.V.George Raju(B.Sc.PGDCA.BD)

Address :Bapujinagar, 56-1-132,Kakinada533002,E.G.Dt.A.P. India


Phone :91- 9293317487

Organization Affiliation

Our faith and Mission statement : We believe Jesus Christ was son of God and he died sacrificially for the sake of human kind and we believe that the holy scriptures revealed by God with be helpful to the entire mankind to live a meaningful life for him.

Who control the organization: Executive board control the organization. But the supreme authority of the organization in the General body when was the organization started November 99.


Evangelizing : Proclamation of the new testament doctrine

Empowering: To plant Churches and nourish them using the first century church of Christ in Acts as a model, to develop leaders with bible qualities to perform biblical duties.

Expanding : To extend the Ministry and its responsibilities to take the Gospel to all the areas of the country.

Baptism: I made regular visits to the congregations when we delivered the Gospel messages and word of God. I am Happy to say that many souls were added to the body until now in various congregations. It is really encouraging for me and Suma (My Wife, Bible women) to see that Church is growing day by day.

We are planting to start many congregations in unreached areas. If we don’t have sufficient funds. We are working for the prayerfully.

Religious and Social



An Adage:

To day children are tomorrow citizens either poor or Rich. Also children would be resources national wide. Rooming children in villages and streets without wearing proper clothes, literacy and nourishment also children of God in blessful country. Some times we chase away from our localities while children collecting thrown out waste materials such as Rags, papers old Iron pieces, Broken plastic pieces etc. also children of God.Frequently we notice at marriage, and Dinner functions while children are collecting foodstuffs near the waste bins even by struggling with Dogs and Pigs, which were left by function attendants
and hurled out. Such children found begging and resting on Railway platform, Bus stations and on foot paths also citizen tomorrow. If we deeply imagine all the pitiable attempts of the children are only for their deeply little belly sake and fulfillment of starving junctures. But they Quite ignore of their future life. Being Grown up citizens (of The country) and well aware of the situations what can we expect from such children if they neglected by the society and left to their fate?


Boys: Terrorism spread every where. Nuxals anti Government people established terrorism coaching centers. They always in quest for such vagabond children. The innocents entice to the sketch of them and tie in their clutches. Under they’re coaching children grown up as, Bomb
blasters, distracters, trains and Busses burners, political murders and Hijackers, Secondly some of the children seduce to vice and Robbers, drinkers and Goondas (Street Rowdies).


  1. Servant maids, 2.Unweded mother 3. Prostitute Bawd Houses, 4.Women thieves trained in Bawd houses how to attracts travelers to steel ornaments cash, and suitcases etc., During journey on Rail and Busses.

The illegal and dreadful activities of vagabonds of boys and girls, not only ruined their lives but also pollutes entire nations and break peace and developments national and international wide. At this very right Juncture here is a necessity of charitable trusts undation/Organizations
to inspire and assign the responsibility of such children, to release from the clutches and claws of wicked men by showing them a way of bright future survey, versatile counseling and their after by establishing care homes of Boarding, Hostels, and orphanages etc. With
the providing of nourishment, Education clothes, accommodation and some other domestic needs. Through the above performance here is a vast hope and sources to bring them as Good citizens likely to eradicate pollution and obstacles. Service to human is service to God.
Pitiable heart is palace of God. Those who petites unto poor lendeth God.

Dear Brother and sisters

Having known all the above facts I was having Zeal and deeply impressed that if I too attempt to seek a way of showing future to such children it is some what better in gods love and fulfillment of his kind aspiration. Because while on our Gospel campaign service, identified many children roaming here and there, begging, half naked and without literacy Through villages inhabitants it is revealed that they are orpans, their parents late under many deplorable incidents. If God Providence I am thinking to establish and orphanage at least with 20 Orphan children,by approaching generous brothers and sisters either locally or month is US $ 30 Dollars or 18 UK Pounds, which covers, Nourishment (3 meal a day) Education, uniforms, shoes, stationery,
clothes, accommodation etc., If help continued during the year. Through this services we can lead innocent and destitute little ones towards Christian faith also along with education. I request your
pious prayers support in church, and family prayers, towards the success of may proposal and to sustain for the future of the orphan children more over I beg your guide lines and suggestions on their
proposal, our Prayers in church family continuing for your achievements entire in your endeavor of Gods Glorious service.


As we going to the villages to preach the Gospel. We saw many widows who are begging on the streets. Some of them are not able to have even one time meals. When we saw them. We remembered the Lord saying, the villages are scattered around with sheep without a shepered. The Lord means to say, a holistic way of reaching the widows with the Gospel. Such widows are without help and care in the villages. Now we are able to look after them with partial help by giving cloths. Food and free medicines. In the near future we have plan to make shelter from them. We are praying to the lord to get the required resources from agencies and churches to continue the ministry. We appreciate your prayers. If you are interested to assist this ministry please let us know, we will be glad to contact you. Altogether let us care the widows and bless them with the salvation from lord Jesus Christ.

Relief Work:

Healing Hands International to supply $15,000 for those 49 families of fisher man community in costal line. Funds which were fully used for the re establishment of those lives. We have provide them with fishing nets and repair for the boats and bought new wooden boats and large Fiber Boats. Total 129 Individuals of Tsunami victims got help from us.
During this relief activity many people approached me and asked for help. But we have limited funds. So I decided that not to deviate from our original plan. Those who got the help from us regularly they are attending to worship the near congregations. 2005 December 25th Our Coastal line people faced a big Disaster Tsunami.

Flood Work: 2006 in August we have

faced heavy floods then I was writing to my overseas Church Reading church and Christ They are assigned responsibility of God’s glorious
service and maintenance in Maruelous. They were sent to 200 pounds. We have distributed lively hoods. Vessels cloths, Rice, Dall and etc… All contributing were completely used for this noble cause.
The generosity of the Christians is superb in this time of crisis.


  1. Sewing machines for women for the self support costing $100
  2. Prisoners whose husband convicted life time imprison met widows. Their earners late woeful incidents. Unwedded mothers cheated by deceivers.

  3. Buffalo / cow / chicks for self support project (Human development Project) cow, buffalo, cost US $500

  4. Supporting preachers salaries US $50 UK $30 cash for month.

  5. Supporting under privileged children for education.


The world largest functioning Democracy.

Size: One of every six people on earth lives in India. India will soon be the world’s most

popular nation.

The Gospel had not reached Majar Part of the Area.


Inadequate Sanitation: TB,HIV, and AIDS in spreading. There are more cases of Tuberculosis in the world today them at any time in the past.

Blindness both in the young and the old.
Illiteracy is at its peak. India is the most illiterate country in the world. Alcoholism is a birth right for a person in this Area. Lepracy.
Physical Disability and Mental retardation.


Cancer, Cardio, vascular Disease, Diabetes, Ageing population Tuberculosis and sexually Transmitted Diseases, Back of food and clothing . Lack of medicines and health centers are the main draw backs in the Area, child marriages, Superstitious belies still exist in this religion.

Bor.George R. VAra Director and evangelist
Bapujinagar 56-1-132
kakinada 533002
E.G.Dt. a.P., India

If you are unable the sponsor a missionary or a child, we appreciate your one time donations or regular support as well as.

Donate Now

Please send your donations and gifts through Pal:

2.Western union or Money Gram

3.banking our shift code SBININBB314 V.Georgeraju. Account No.30254572792, State Bank of India,
(Online Account), Narsapuram.

We Guarantee that 100% of your donations will go directly to the mission field. We would be glad to provide you with references from those who have visited, if you require them. The Organization is well administrated by the local and international boards.

You are most welcome to visit us at any time our Church of Christ and Social Service Organization is open for every one.

Contact Name: George Raju Vara
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Tel: 91-9848730355
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Church of Christ and Social Service organization

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