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Monday, 7th September 2020 at 9am - 5pm

Location: Zoom

This event is in the past.

Subject: Waves SIG meeting - September 2020

Ocean wind waves: Observing, modelling & forecasting. A meeting of the Challenger Society Special Interest Group on Ocean Wind Waves

I would like to invite you to attend a virtual meeting on the Challenger Special Interest Group on Surface Waves. This will be the third meeting of the Wind Waves 'SIG', which aims to bring together scientists, engineers and modellers from across the UK, interested in observing, modelling and forecasting ocean surface waves generated by winds. As the main Challenger conference is being held over until 2021, we invite participants to present their science online instead. Our meeting will be held over Zoom on Monday 7th September

Register your interest by emailing, and I will add you in to our mailing list. Do please pass this on to colleagues who might be interested in attending, particularly students and new members of your research group. We look forward to seeing you in September to discuss new wave science. If you would like to present, take part by emailing your talk title to by Friday 16th August. Talks will be 15 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for questions (This may be tweaked slightly, depending on the number of submissions)

We welcome contributions on all aspects of ocean wave observing, modelling & forecasting, and energy generation. This is an informal and friendly meeting, with short talks and time for discussion. We encourage everyone to offer a talk, from PhD students to professors. You can also chose to bring us work in progress or advertise your latest publication. Hope you can join us in September!

Best Wishes,

Lucy Bricheno


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at 2:27pm on Wednesday, 2nd September 2020
Meeting Agenda
9:00 Zoom meeting opens, speaker lounge available
9:20 welcome / introduction

Session 1 9:30 -11:00
Round table introductions – Innovative Technology
Talk 1: Ben Timmermans: "Sea state variability and coastal extremes from the recent ESA CCI Sea State products"
Talk 2: Dave McCann: “Use of radar for nearshore wave mapping”
Talk 3: Jian-Guo Li: “Spherical Multiple-Cell grid and applications”

Talk 4: Emma Ross “Spatial dependence of extreme seas in the North East Atlantic from satellite altimeter Measurements’”
Round table introductions – Risk and Resource

11am Coffee break
11:30 - 12:45 Session 2
Round table introductions – Interactions
Talk: Matt Lewis "coupled wave-tide ocean modelling with COAWST"
Talk: Jean Bidlot “Ocean wave effects in NEMO4”
Talk: Fay Luxford: ‘Improving wave forecasting in Vietnam’
Talk: Iain Fairley: ‘Classifying the global wave climate for the purposes of wave energy extraction’
Round table introductions – Miscellaneous

12:45 Lunch break

Afternoon discussions, including Invited panel:
Jean Bidlot, ECMWF
Andy Saulter, Met Office,
Lee Swift, Environment Agency
Peter Tromans, Ocean Wave Engineering Ltd
Judith Wolf, National Oceanography Centre

13:30 - 14:30 Discussion session 1: Future of wave science, Synthesis and Applications
Q1 What is the biggest limitation to wave model predictions (wind forcing, numerics, source terms, resolution, coupling, spectral vs. phase resolving, bathymetry)
Q2 Are in-situ, satellite observations and models really self-consistent enough (i.e. no biases) to allow users to simply ‘plug and play’ with datasets?
Q3 How does the quality of observations/models vary across the parameter space and range of conditions that users are interested in?
15:30 Tea Break
16:00 - 17:00 Discussion session 2: Knowledge transfer, Collaborations & Funding
Q4 Are the latest scientific developments making their way to industry and policy? What are the routes for this translation / knowledge transfer?
Q5: There is a great group of people here today from a range of backgrounds. From this we have gathered a ‘directory’ of wave expertise. How can we use this information and use this network?
Q6: How can we better collaborate between institutes represented here Where should we be looking to build partnerships and fund wave science?
17:00 closing remarks
17:15 close

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