October 23, 2012

NWA Meeting
October 23, 2012

We started the meeting congratulating everyone on our chapter being named “Chapter of the Year” at the National Weather Association conference earlier this month.  We also talked about how next month we will begin election for officer position for next year and if you haven’t paid your dues please do so.  I have the complete list of who has paid at the bottom of this page. 

Kevin Laws gave a presentation on how they are working to improve Tornado Warnings.

This was a very informative presentation.  Here are a few highlights:
He touched on how there have been way too many false alarms in the past several years and people aren’t taking cover because of this.  (Based on research that has been done after April 27, 2011)  It is somewhat difficult because we are in a transition period where we are in a polygon warning system, but still many counties sound sirens county based.  So, what he has been working on doing the last few events is making the polygon shorter, but long in time.  Also, looking at different parameters much more closely by improving the lower end.  For example,  we have opportunity for improvement with LCL, 0-2 km shear and significantly bringing down the trigger.  For the LCL 900m and lower you look closely, but above that is only 10% of our tornadoes.  This is a work in progress and if you weren’t there and want an more in depth look I’m sure Kevin would love to share. 
Otherwise, here are the results so far in 2012 by working on this: 
         FAR---40%  (cut in half)
         Lead Time---17.7 min. (this went up)


Sean Boogaard  paid
Geoff Heazan paid
Kalee Dionne paid
Matt Lacke  paid
Scott Unger  paid
Jessica Talley  paid
Mark Rose  paid
John De Block  paid
Jerry Tracey  paid
Matt Anderson  paid
Micah Harris  paid
Mark Linhares  paid
Kevin Laws  paid
Gary Goggins  paid
Tara Goggins   paid

Mary Keiser   paid
Holly Britton   paid
Aaron Gleason   paid
Matt Lacke     paid
Mark Prater   paid
Ted McInerney   paid
JP Dice  paid

Central Alabama NWA Chapter

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