September 9, 2013

Central Alabama Chapter of the

National Weather Association

Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 9, 2013

7:00 PM

Homewood Suites Riverchase

I.   Call to Order

Tara Goggins, President, called the regular meeting to order at 7 pm.

II.  Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting

Tara Goggins read the minutes from the last meeting.  The minutes were approved as read.

III.  Open Discussion

     A. Special Recognition

Bill Murray, Vice-President, recognized the Homewood Suites for graciously allowing us to conduct our third regular meeting in their meeting room facilities.  Our chapter appreciates their hospitality.

     B. Membership Report

Bill Murray also gave us an update on our current membership status.  As of the day of the meeting, our chapter had over 40 paid and active members.  This is almost double from 2012!

     C. GroupSpaces (website) Update

Bill reminded the members to make sure they signed up for a GroupSpaces account and joined the chapter via the website in order to receive email updates from the chapter.  If anyone has any questions regarding GroupSpaces, please contact Bill or Ryan Stinnett.

     D. Upcoming Chapter Events

The last item of business was upcoming chapter events.  Bill announced tentative plans for interested members to attend the Atlanta Braves baseball game in Atlanta on September 29th.  Game tickets will NOT be purchased by the chapter.  Anyone interested in attending will be responsible for their own entrance. An email with more details will be forthcoming.

The chapter is also still working on plans for the year-end Christmas party.  An email will be sent to all members when plans are finalized.

IV.  Awarding of Scholarship

We were pleased to hand out the 1st Annual Central Alabama NWA Chapter Scholarship at the meeting.
The $500 scholarship is awarded to a current or incoming college student majoring in the field of
meteorology that has specific ties to the state of Alabama. The first ever scholarship was awarded to our very own Scott Martin, who is currently taking distance learning classes from Mississippi State University. Congratulations, Scott!

V.  Guest Speaker

Greg Carbin, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center, was our guest speaker.  Greg gave a wonderful and very insightful presentation on the topic of severe weather verification.  He talked briefly about some statistics regarding each type of severe weather…hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes.  When it comes to local storm reports, there has been a significant increase in the number of 1-2” hail reports and 50kt wind gust reports over the last couple of decades.  This could perhaps correlate to the severe weather criteria used by the NWS.

As far as tornadoes are concerned, the total number of EF-0 tornadoes has more than doubled in the last couple of decades.  Some contributing factors could include increased radar detection and increased population.  When looking at a map that displays days with at least one tornado within 25 miles, there is a clear maximum in central MS, with a secondary max in north/central AL.  So far in 2013, the total number of confirmed tornadoes in the U.S. has been well normal, the lowest since 2005. 

VI.  New Business

Tara Goggins asked that all new business be discussed with the officers following the meeting.

One last announcement regarding upcoming officer nominations was made.  The nomination period will run from Nov 15th-30th.  All nominees MUST be paid members of the local chapter, and all elected officers MUST be national NWA members.  An email will be sent on Nov 15th announcing the beginning of the nomination period.

VII.  Adjournment

Tara Goggins adjourned the meeting at approximately 8:15 pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Tara Goggins

Minutes approved by:  Jessica (Talley) Chace

Central Alabama NWA Chapter

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