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The great Mcfood debate

Does Mc use real chicken has been doing the rounds on social media so I mentioned to a food technician (person who does scientific research of food) about this and I am happy to state that they did a video to prove they are 


So where did the Mc anti-propaganda come from ? 

Now look at the truth.

1. Firstly in the video he speaks of debunking Blueberries.

I had the luck to meet up with a company at a food show in South Africa which was promoting the most to die-for orange and pineapple juice
I had ever tasted. 

I interviewed the company about flavour enhancers. It turns out that to get a flavour one has to break the food down into scientific components. Here is a video of how the colour red is broken down. Flavouring is done the same way.

2. You can clearly see that the debunkers are not a scientific based investigation as they wear PVC gloves to take apart a chicken nugget.

3.  Objects seen in the photos 
NaturalNews shows you this amongst other pictures of fibres 

All three photos above are of underdeveloped feather shafts as seen on the right here.

Feather shafts are made of a tough protective protein called keratin. Which is the same stuff that makes up fingernails in humans. 
It is made up of skin cells. When these cells are burnt they change form and blacken. This is what you see in the above photos. 

4. Alian Landscape resembling chicken.

Durr really!! Do you really expect ground beef to resemble a steak or even a cow!
Firstly nuggets are ground chicken and like polony are made from the small parts not used as single pieces of chicken. 
Lets look at how a chicken is portioned : drumstick, breast, wing, fillet, backbone
Parts included in nuggets : the neck, the tail, feet, gizzard, liver, heart, fat, skin

Are feet edible?

In South Africa chicken feet are a delicacy eaten with putu. 

To prepare for cooking the feet are submerged in boiling water to remove the outer layer of skin. Next they’re covered in seasoning, Then cooked. They can be stewed, grilled or fryed. 

As a high content of fat is included in nuggets when cooling it congeals and this gives an opague gelatinous look to the meat which may look transparent. Mincing of meat includes introducing air to the meat. When cooked this will leave holes in the meat. A good example of this is in the baking of cake. The blue objects to which the presenter refers could be the seasoning. Remember seasoning is plant material introduced to food to enhance the taste or colour. Even salt is a seasoning and pepper may look blue under a microscope. The green object which the presenter says look like algi is could me either green pepper or cumin. 

Heather Zynbad


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