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Smoked Fish

Smoked fish is cured by smoking as a preservative. 

Smoked fish is very tasty. The more fat a fish has the better it is to smoke. In smoking the fat of the fish turns to a jelly with the most delightful taste.

To smoke build a fire with wood which can impart a flavour such as oak or walnut or blue gum.
The fish is then simply lightly salted and placed on the fire. Turning often to prevent it burning. Serve right away.

A far better method of smoking is to first soak the fish in a brine of flavoured vinegar, salt, pepper, cloves or other spices for a day.
This will soften the meat and impart the flavours.
Then smoke as above.

Good fish to smoke

·         Hake

·         Yellowtail

·         Tuna

   Rock cod

·         Eel – I am very partial to Eel as the flavour soaks in and produces a really tasty fish.

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