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Brewing of Beer

I think every young person should try at least once in their lives to brew a drink they like as it then gives them appreciation for the effort others put into producing the product for them. In my youth I tried brewing a mead beer and producing enticing liqueurs. 

In attending the Food & Drink Industry Show I learnt a lot I wished I had known back then.

Most brewing begins with the basics of sugar, yeast and flavour. Beer contains malt, hops  and yeast . Flavourings can then be added to give different results. Hops varies as to whether a light or dark beer is required. Hops also determine the different flavours according to region of the world. SAfbrew supplies the yeast which is required.

A basic brew recipe for 100 Litres contains

Malt (20kg),

Hops (300g – 500g) 

Yeast (50g)

 Once you become adapted to making your own enjoyable brew you may want to take it a step further and create tantalizing beers for your friends or even for the market. This is when you need to start buying specialized equipment such as a brewing vat that has alcohol meter, aeration and rotating capabilities.

Beer curing vats

Storage of the brew is very important as any containment’s can cause you to discard the whole batch costing you a few Rands to start again. Aeration is in important during the brewing in order to get rid of excess gas and to enhance the flavour.

The more one makes the bigger the operation becomes and storage starts to present a problem. Using newly developed cardboard containers which are far more affordable one can start stock piling the beer until you are ready to start offering it in desirable containers.

A variety of storing and retialing containers

If the operation is successful and becomes commercial the brewer must begin to consider using conveyor systems and technology to track his production.

 One of the elements you should consider early in the process is branding of your product and how you will present it. Do not leave this until too late as word of mouth marketing is still the best ways of getting your product out to market.

You also need to consider whether you wish your beer to be served as a draft or in bottle and plan accordingly.

Brewcraft is a company that has been in existence for over 20 years and offers good advice on brewing beers, spirits and wine.

The American Homebrewers Association offers step by step advice and recipes.

Heather Malcomess


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