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An Angler's Guide

You do not have to be an angler to go fishing. It can be a fun and very relaxing past time for anyone to enjoy. When you do go fishing, you will want to decide which type of trip you want to go on. It does not matter whether you are going to the river, lake, or ocean; there are two different options for your trip. You can either go to catch fish or take the more relaxing and fun loving trip to "drown worms." If you are just wanting to sit and relax or clear your mind, all you will need is your pole, something to eat, and a couple drinks. Bait is even optional for this type of trip but may be a bonus just in case you do catch something. For the more serious trip where you try to catch something, it is a little more complex. Here are some fishing tips to actually catch something while you are out there.

Choose a Location:

The very first thing that you want to do is figure out where it is that you are going. Everything else will revolve around this one decision. To figure it out you will want to consider several different things. First you will want to know how long you will be there. You can't plan a day trip to the Ohio River if you live in Phoenix. Being realistic about travel times and routes is a key thing for this. If you are not honest about it you will waste your time on the road and end up with a miserable trip. By knowing the location you will be better prepared with weather forecasts, camping supplies, food, and anything else that you may need for the trip. This will also allow you to check the local fishing regulations as well. You will also want to keep in mind the geography and fish species that you want in your trip. For trout, you will want a stream while bass and catfish are more suited to lake fishing. You may also want to look at climate when deciding what type of fish you want to catch. Salmon are very difficult to catch in the Florida swamplands.

Choose a style:

There are two different styles of fishing: Fly fishing and rod and reel fishing. When you start to plan your trip you will want to consider the landscape of your fishing trip. For a fly fishing trip, you will need an area that is relatively devoid of large trees and bushes, unless you want to wade into the water for a considerable distance. There are a couple different types of cast methods that you can use in the brush, but those are usually difficult and reserved for the more advanced fly fisher. The easier and more efficient method would be to use a regular rod and reel for this instance. There are many other factors that will determine what type of hardware you will want to use. The type of fish that you are after is another thing you will want to consider. Catfish, for instance, do not usually feed off the surface, so a fly rod is not very effective. Trout are very well suited to fly fishing due to their eating habits and behaviors.

Choose a Bait:

Whether you are fly fishing or not, you will need to look into your bait before you start. There are several websites that offer bait advice from the local anglers and outline successful baits that have been used. Many of the better bait shops in the area will have a list of the different fish in the area and what works best for each species. These can range from stink baits, lures, or live baits. For fly fishing, you may just want to look at your windshield and see the different local bug life. This will help you to find a natural appearing fly. This trick often yields better results since the fish eat these regularly. Do not limit yourself to these lists and advice. There are many times that an "off the wall" lure tends to work better than the old favorite that everyone uses. The best advice for this is to try something for about a half hour and if you get no action, try something else.

A little planning and thought to your fishing trip and it can be huge success. Whether you are in the hunt for that huge lunker or if you are just going to drown some worms and get your thoughts together, fishing is a great past time. Drowning worms can be a fun family time. Light the grill, crack the cooler, and have a great time around the fire while fishing for cat in the evening. These times can make great memories for anyone. You can spend some quality time with a kid or drag the whole family out to waste the day away. If you follow these tips, your trip can actually produce some fish.

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