• How Many Calories You Should Eat (with a Calculator)

How Many Calories You Should Eat (with a Calculator)

If you burn more calories, you can help to lose weight.

There are two effective ways to do this by applying proper diet and eating.

However, there are some more unusual ways to increase the number of burn calories.

Here are six non-conventional ways to burn calories.

1. Cool action

If you are open at cold temperatures, you can increase metabolic rate by stimulating brownish fat activity in your body (1).

In addition to white fat, your fat units have a small amount of brown fats. These two types of body fat have very different effects.

White fat promotes inflammation, insulin resistance and fat collection. In contrast, Brown fat burns calories and can help reduce weight and control diabetes (2, 3).

The effect of dark calorie burning is shown separately among individuals. People with obesity usually have less active brown fat than few people (4).

Causes of white fat "browning" in cold contact, based on early animal studies. However, it is still being investigated (5).

Human studies have shown that calories in the cold can greatly increase burns depending on the amount of active fat content in the body (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

Also, you do not have to endure cold temperatures to reduce this gain.

In one study, healthy young men had this type of physical structure for two hours at 66 degree Fahrenheit (19 ° C) area. All men have increased calorie intake, but men with brown fat (10) most activity have three times more effect.

In another study, ten thin young men burned regularly at 62 ° F (17 ° C) for two hours of temperature and burned average (11) 164 calories per day.

Some of the ways to take advantage of cooling include reducing temperature in your home, going out in cold weather and going out in cold climates.

Ground level:

When exposed to cold temperatures, you stimulate the activity of brown fat, which increases the number of calories burned.

2. Drink cold water

Water is the best drink to snatch your thirst and drink plenty of water.

It has been shown that drinking water in the study, with normal and overweight adults, temporarily promotes metabolism. In addition, some studies suggest that you can maximize this effect by drinking cold water (12, 13, 14, 15, 16).

A group of researchers have reported that 40% increase in metabolic rate is due to the warming of body temperature (15).

Among their two young adults, two studies have found that 500 milligrams burn calories in cold water up to 24-30% (15, 16) for 90 minutes.

However, the number of people studying was low, and more research shows that the effect of water on the metabolic rate can be personalized by a person.

Another study is in healthy young adults, for example, it was found that calories burned for 60 minutes (17) only for a 4.5% increase while the cold water was 500 milliliters.

Ground level:

Drinking cold water temporarily burns calories. The strength of this effect can change individually.

3. Chab Gum

It has been shown that chewing gum promotes full emotions and reduces caloric intake of snacks (18).

There is evidence that it can help speed up metabolism (19, 20, 21, 22).

In a small study, men of general weight ate four different occasions. After eating, he burned many calories by eating chewing gum You can Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

In the second study, 30 young men and 20 minutes of women used to chew gloves at each meal, their metabolic rate was chewing gum or more. In addition, it became faster after the fast (21) overnight.

Take these metabolism effects on your metabolism and choose a sugar-free chewing gum to keep your teeth healthy.

Ground level:

Chewing gum seems to increase metabolic rate after eating during meals or meals.


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