Potato Fund

Potatoes are the main staple of the diet in most Eastern European countries.

Each year CMIAID buys potatoes in bulk from Christian farmers in Romania and Moldova and then distributes them to needy families, orphanages, nursing homes and to other places of need.

Some years over 100,000 kg of potatoes have been purchased. As you can imagine such a quantity can help many needy families!

Potatoes are purchased in September and October each year, just before the onset of the cold winter months. These potatoes are then stored in a cool, dark place and distributed throughout the winter months by Christian workers.

A double help!

The Potato Project is particularly helpful as it assists two groups at the same time.

Often when farmers take their potatoes to market to sell they are disappointed by the poor price that they get for their produce. Sometimes they cannot even cover the costs of production. CMIAID is able to pay them a fair price for their potatoes which helps them greatly.

Then, of course, the needy families, orphanages and nursing homes receive help. For a family with little or no money it is hard to stock up on sufficient potatoes for the winter. And, if they buy them as they need from the market, they will be charged an exorbitant price.

Helping the orphanages

CMIAID has had the privilege of being involved with and assisting a number of orphanages over the years. Each year a large quantity of potatoes is given to these orphanages to help them meet their food needs for the winter. A lot of potatoes are needed to feed 30 or 40 hungry children each day!

So each year help is directed to children’s homes and orphanages like Casa Ioana and the Christian Home for Poor Children in Romania.

Even a small orphanage can use 10 or 15 tonnes of potatoes over a six month period.

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