Container Needs - Can you help?

Thank you for your interest in helping with needs in Moldova. Below is a comprehensive list of items needed for our containers. You can also download a printable PDF edition of this list below:



    Toys must be NEW and in their original packaging

    •  Toy cars (small and large)

    •  Dolls (small and large)

    •  Tennis balls

    •  Blow up balls

    •  Yo-yo’s

    •  Bubble bottles/blowers

    •  Paddle pop sticks

    •  Craft match sticks

    •  General craft supplies, wool and embroidery thread)

    •  Coloured card

    •  Coloured paper

    •  Small souvenir koalas/Australian animals

    •  Play dough

    •  Playgroup toys (indoor)

    •  Googly eyes

    •  Sequins, stickers and looming bands

    •  Pipe cleaners

    •  Beads (and thread to go through them)

      For our work among NEW MOTHERS:

      All items MUST BE NEW with tickets/original packaging.

    •  Infant and baby clothes

    •  Soft toys

    •  Soap

    •  Nappies (disposable and reusable)

    •  Knitted baby rugs

    •  Toddler shoes

    •  Baby bottles/feeding bowls/spoons/etc.

    •  Infant/baby toys

    •  High chairs


      These items MUST BE NEW and in date (if applicable).

    •  Basic medical supplies (including bandages, dress- ings, bandaids, syringes, slings, etc.)

    •  Adult incontinence pants and pads (THIS IS A

    VERY URGENT NEEDlarge quantities needed)

    •  Waterproof bed sheets

    •  Sheet sets (single), pillowcases and blankets

    •  Basic medical equipmentstethoscopes, diagnostic kits, etc. (if you have items and are unsure about suit- ability please write to Matthew

    •  Medical consumables (please carefully check the expiry dates and ensure a minimum of 12 month validity)

      These items can be NEW or SECONDHAND (must be in good working condition).

    •  Wheelchairs (URGENTLY NEEDED)

    •  Crutches

    •  Walking frames (with and without wheels)

    •  Walk sticks

    •  Examination couches

    •  Doctors surgery/consultation room equipment/furniture that does not require calibration

    •  Bedside tables and over bed tables

    •  Gym equipment (to be used in the rehab section) -

      treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.

    •  Hospital beds are neededbut please contact us first

      if you have any available

    •  Medicine trolleys

    •  Waste bins

      For the BETHESDA CENTRE:

      We are in need of a large range of building supplies, furniture and equipment to fit out the Bethesda Centre. If you have goods available that you think might be useful please write to Matthew Hillier, before sending for inclusion in the container.

      For customs reasons these items MUST BE NEW.

    •  Plasterboard

    •  Roofing materials

    •  Paint

    •  Toilet pans and cisterns

    •  Urinals

    •  Wash basins

    •  Bathroom fittings (taps/towel rails/etc)

    •  Suspended ceiling

    •  Sheets of plywood

    •  Sheets of MDF

    •  Doors (internal and external)

    •  Kitchen bench tops

    •  Kitchen cupboards

    •  Kitchen and laundry sinks

    •  Wall and floor tiles (even small quantities are useful for little areas that need tiling in the building)

    •  Tubes of silicon/liquid nails/etc

    •  Hand soap dispensers

    •  Paper towel dispensers

    •  Hand driers

    •  Ventilation fans

    •  Waste bins

    •  Plumbing supplies (pipes/etc)

      This list of building materials is not conclusive. We are sure that there will be many other items needed that we cannot think of at the moment! If you have other items that you think might be useful please do not hesitate to contact Matthew ( to discuss.

      These items can be in good condition SECOND HAND

      •  Commercial kitchen benches/equipment

      •  Lounge chairs (must have substantial life left in them)

      •  Desks

      •  Office chairs

      •  Stackable chairs

      •  Fold up tables

      •  Reception chairs

      •  Reception desks (3)

      •  Carpet (commercial is most suitable) Please contact first if you think you can help

      •  Carpet tiles (commercial is most suitable) Please contact first if you think you can help

      •  Fire extinguishersall types suitable (many needed for the building!)

        These must be fully charged and recently inspected

      •  Whiteboards

      •  Blackboards (chalkboards)


        These items MUST BE NEW.

      •  Schools bags (about 1,000 needed for 2015)

      •  Pens (blue/black/red)

      •  Pencils (coloured and lead)

      •  Erasers

      •  Exercise books of all sizes

      •  Pencil sharpeners

      •  Pencil cases

      •  Rulers

      •  Geometry sets

      •  Children’s shoes

        (again we emphasis that they must be new)

        For our CAMP WORK:

    We are in need of good quality (can be second hand) large tents/marquees for next years camps

    •  We also need camp beds for use at the camps

    •  Sleeping bags (these must be new)


    Gift items that we can distribute to school teachers and other contacts in different institutions. Coffee mugs, soaps and other small gifts are useful.


    These items are used throughout various areas of the work and also by our Support Staff. Some are specifically for our Community Assistance programs. Provided they are in good condition most of these items can be new or second hand.

    •  Garden tools (forks, spades, shovels, picks, etc) Please make sure they are clean!

    •  Mechanic’s tools and mechanics workshop equip- ment

      Anything to do with fixing vehicles will be useful! We are trying to move our repair work in house to reduce costs. We have the workerswe just need the tools!

    •  Builders tools
      Items that can be used by our workers and teams as they renovate the Bethesda Centre and also work on Community Assistance and Aid projects. Hand tools (saws, hammers, etc), power tools (drills, electric saws, jigsaw, welders, etc.), petrol driver tools (pumps, generators, concrete vibrators, etc.)

    •  Stationery items
      These are the things that we use all the time and usually have to buy. Don’t go out and buy these items to send but if you have some spare we can use them! (pens, pencils, staplers, hole punches, laminating pouches, binding rings, etc.)

    •  Fabric
      Rolls and lengths of fabric in colours or patterns is always useful.

    •  Knitted items
      We still love our knitted gifts! We can use rugs, beanies, scarves, etc.  


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