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The Most Popular POE 3.6 Ascendant Elemental Hit Build Guide

Posted by Buy PoECurrency, Tuesday, 9th April 2019 @ 3:11am

  • 3.6 saw a huge revamp to Elemental Hit! It has turn out to be a premeire ability for both MF and Bossing. The superb bossing has been shown by PoeDan79 undertaking this pretty impressive two minute Uber Elder Kill. The insane clearspeed of Elemental Hit has been shown by Windz with his Magic Uncover Deadeye version in the develop. This guide will be the culmination of my investigation and presenting what I really feel is the ideal all-around version of Elemental Hit for men and women who want to attempt the potential out. Like my other guides I will present selections for you personally to select from and I always encourage people today to work with the guide as a guideline for taking the things you like and creating the build your own personal! My viewpoint throughout the majority of this guide is the fact that of a Softcore player seeking to do each of the content material inside the game with a single build so I'll lean more towards single target than clearspeed.

    POE 3.6 Ascendant Elemental Hit Build

    Keystones taken with this build: Avatar of Fire, Resolute Approach, Unwavering Stance, Vaal Pact, Point Blank, Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics

    Pros & Cons:

    + All Content material Viable.

    + Tanky. Huge amounts of life, Dodge, Spell Dodge. Slayer "Life Leech is not Removed at Full Life" and enormous Leech rate through Pantheon/Passive Tree make this one on the tankiest builds.

    + Resolute Method. Gearing becomes simple when you don't care about crit or accuracy.

    + Unique Items Heavy. This is a major pro for me so I don't have to answer as many questions on gearing decisions! Makes things simple to gear for, no tricky rares to find and hunt on trade websites.

    - Not a great league starter. On top of the notoriously difficult leveling of Scions this create relies on many uniques. You are at the mercy with the "meta" when it comes to the prices of said uniques and in an SSF environment the develop basically cannot function without the Combat Focus threshold jewels.

    - Have to reroll some map mods. Elemental Reflect is not possible for this create. Even with Sibyl's Lament, Yugul Pantheon, and Primeval Force you do too much damage and will 1-shot yourself against reflect.

    - Can be high budget. Without giving you a lecture on economics (supply and demand) I'll just mention it for the third time: The create relies on uniques. If GGG suddenly decides that Combat Focus jewels are going to be ultra-rare then the develop are going to be hard to afford. Before getting started with this construct take a peek at the gear recommendations and see what the prices of those uniques are and if it's inside the range of factors you can afford with your level of currency.


    Kill them all. Help Alira if you want to go down the Crit path.




    Path on the Duelist


    Major God - Soul Arachali with 50% increased Recovery of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently

    Check out six. Tips and Tricks to see how we do this consistently!

    Minor God - Gruthkul for mapping Yugul for Uber Elder


    PoB Link:

    Skill Tree:

    Example Link:

POE 3.6 Elementalist Three Popular Skills Builds Detailed Guide

Posted by Buy PoECurrency, Tuesday, 9th April 2019 @ 2:58am

  • The Elementalist is definitely an Ascendancy class for Witches .Eementalists deal in all factors elemental. They've access to conditional but highly effective element damage bonuses, some granted periodically or having a ability requirement. The following is Elementalist three most popular skills for Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League, Winter Orb/Storm Brand/Blade Vortex, as well as the primary develop Guide for these three skills are described under.

    POE 3.6 Elementalist Three Main Skill Builds Detailed Guide

    In Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis, Winter Orb Updated has Now offers 25 to 31 Cold harm at gem level 1 (from 23 to 28) and 232 to 289 Cold harm at gem level 20 (from 258 to 322).Now has an added harm effectiveness of 50% (from 60%). Storm Brand Updated has Mana Expense at gem level 20 is now 21 (was 20). Now offers two to 7 Lightning harm at gem level 1 (from three to eight) and 75 to 225 Lightning damage at gem level 20 (from 97 to 290). Now has an added harm effectiveness of 30% (from 35%). Blade Vortex Updated has Mana Expense at gem level 20 is now 16 (was 19). Now deals three to five Physical harm at gem level 1 (from 7 to ten) and 101 to 151 Physical damage at gem level 20 (from 123 to 185). Now has an added harm effectiveness of 25% (from 30%).

    1. PoE 3.6 Elementalist Popular Skill Winter Orb Construct

    This build is really quite straightforward to run, however it could be a little of disaster to run inside the management division if you're not utilized to operating anything like this. This build is all about mana management and also regularly getting on the move. Don't just randomly channel Winter Orb to as much stages as you are able to if there is no enemies nearby. You are going to just drop to 0 mana and after that have to wait for your mana to regenerate.

    This develop honestly got developed originally as type of a meme or perhaps a random concept of just wanting to utilize the whole Fenumus exceptional item set. I noticed that I had the entire set so I just thought to make a make around it. I also wanted to try out a number of the newer capabilities inside the game so I thought to attempt Winter Orb 

    Pros & Cons:

    +Great and Cheap leaguestarter

    +Still scales with more investment

    + Permanent Frenzy Charges/uptime

    +Fast map clear

    +Very safe to use due to the mechanics of Winter Orb

    +Very versatile when it comes to create choices

    +Hardcore viable due to Mind over Matter along with the ability to freeze enemies

    +Herald of Ice 'Splosions are extremely satisfying

    -Winter Orb targets randomly which is usually a pain to deal with

    -Uber Atziri is very frustrating with this build unless pick up the Paragon of Calamity ascendency

    -Can't handle Elementalist Reflect and struggles a little with Elementalist Resistance map mods


    1 - Pendulum of Destruction

    2- Mastermind of Discord

    3- Shaper of Desolation

    4 - Beacon of Ruin


    Kill all of them! We need the extra 2 talent points for the construct.


    Soul of Solaris as your Major God.

    Soul of Gruthkul as your Minor God.

    Gems Link:

    4L Setup (winterorb in gloves for pseudo 6l): Winter Orb - GMP - Cold to Fire - Increased Duration

    4L Setup (Vaal BV in helm for pseudo 6l): Vaal Blade Vortex - Controlled Destruction - Physical to Lightning - Conc effect

    3L Setup: Herald of Ash - Herald of Thunder - Herald of Ice (Can all be unlinked)

    3L Setup: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Portal

    1L Setup (unset ring): Vaal Righteous Fire

    4L Setup: Phase Run - Enhance - Blasphemy - Temp Chains


    PoB Link:

    Skill Tree:

    Example Link:

    2. PoE 3.6 Elementalist Well-known Ability Storm Brand Construct

    Storm Brand Elementalist offers excellent clear speed and capable boss harm.Gameplay is smooth thanks to the instant cast nature of brand recall, as well as the instant harm from Storm Brand (as opposed to Armageddon Brand).

    Brand elementalist is a well-liked develop, with several streamers running anything similar. My take around the make is fairly defensive, with an eye towards becoming able to do all map mods and all content, including safely farming uber elder.

    This guide provides a build for an easy-to-play, budget and beginner friendly Talent, Storm Brand.Storm Brand has a similar play-style to Totem Builds.

    Pros & Cons:

    + Very budget and SSF friendly since we don't need any specific/expensive uniques

    + Satisfying gameplay with lots of shatters

    + Capable of running most map-mods and all end-game content with enough investment

    + Fast clear-speed once you get utilized to using your Brand Recall

    + Very good single target damage with the help of Lightning Spire Trap and War Banner

    + Can be very pleasing aesthetically with the use in the right MTX

    - Can not facetank bosses

    - Lightning damage is often very inconsistent, meaning that you may one shot ten packs in a row, and fail to do so for the next 10 

    - Shatters can cause your game to lag sometimes if you're playing on a low-end system


    1. Shaper of Desolation

    2. Beacon of Ruin

    3. Pendulum of Destruction

    4. Mastermind of Discord


    Kill all for the 2 Talent Points



    Soul of the Brine King - Prevents Stunlock which is often very annoying and deadly


    Soul of Ralakesh - Helps a lot with labyrinth traps

    PoB Link:

    Talent Tree:

    Example Link:

    3. PoE 3.6 Elementalist Well-liked Ability Blade Vortex Build

    This is the Triple Herald Elementalist Blade Vortex construct - my attempt to create the Elementalist great again. Great all-rounder, viable for all content.The base Path of Exile items of this make really don't matter as we don't care about the base defensive stats such as armour, evasion or energy shield. So instead the base items will follow the stat priority listed in this guide. 

    Pros & Cons:

    + Good clear speed 

    + Guardian map clear

    + Good single target damage 

    + Quite tanky - 7-8k eHP

    + Fairly cheap to gear, not gated behind rare/expensive uniques. Good league starter, SSF is possible.

    + Scales exceptionally well in the end-game.

    - Blade vortex mechanics may feel clunky to some

    - Have to be in melee range to deal damage


    Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin


    Help Alira (or take two points).


    Major: Brine King (prevents stunlocks)

    Minor: Gruthkul (phys damage reduction) or Shakari (poison immunity)

    Gems Link:

    Blade Vortex - Added Fire Harm - Controlled destruction - Physical to Lightning - Increased Critical Strikes - Efficacy / Power Charge on Critical / Increased Critical Harm / Concentrated Effect

    Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Culling strike

    Orb of storms - Arcane Surge (level 5/6) - Power Charge on Crit

    Lightning golem is the best for this build. Allows to move faster with whirling blades or shield charge as well as spin up vortex blades quicker.

    Herald of Ice - Culling Strike - Onslaught - Ice Bite

    Herald of Ice - Ice Bite - Innervate - Increased Critical Strikes

    CWDT (12) - Immortal Call (14) - Increased Duration - Warlord's Mark (14)


    PoB Link:

    Skill Tree:

    Example Link:

Most Popular POE 3.6 Juggernaut Bladefall Build

Posted by Buy PoECurrency, Monday, 8th April 2019 @ 3:18am

  • This build will remain strong in 3.6, but I will review new build options when POB is updated with 3.6 content.Q&A section added.Updated leveling section thanks to suggestion by "sikat".

    POE 3.6 Juggernaut Bladefall Build

    Pros & Cons:

    + Auto cast 10 skills per second causing visual mayhem (I liked it, but now I'm blind)

    + Can play with 0 button pressed

    + Satisfying explosions, lots and lots of them

    + Equivalent to maximum resist of 87/99/98% when all buffs are applied

    + Auto self healing (roughly 4000 HP/s against single target, much higher during mapping)

    + Use auto triggered skills to clear map on full speed (+164% speed)

    + VMS and VRF for flashy boss kill

    + Very tanky with 7000+ HP

    + Permanent Immortal Call

    + Permanent blinding on all enemies

    + Budget build possible with just 2+ 3 ex, but a good currency sink if you want to invest in legacy uniques

    + VMS with 2 million Shaper DPS for 9.5s

    + Single target Shaper DPS of 300k (without VMS)

    + Can do all map mods

    + Very much hardcore viable

    - Need somewhat decent computer setup to handle the visual mayhem

    - Uses a lot of uniques, not a league starter material

    - Sometimes cause network lag (see below for possible fix)

    - Don't kill every trash mob thoroughly, speed run through a map typically leaves 30-50 monsters (open layout) to 5-20 monsters (closed linear maps)


    Kill All


    Arakaali (reduce shock) and Yugul (Cold dmg taken reduction)


    Take Unflinching first;

    Then take Unstoppable, Unbreakable and Unrelenting (order doesn't matter)

    Gem Links:

    Kongming's Strategem (All-purpose weapon set)

    Incinerate - Cast while Channeling - Firestorm

    This is your CWC firestorm setup during bossing, provides reliable ignite, and some 100k Shaper DPS without VMS.

    Razor of Seventh Sun (All-purpose weapon set)

    Vaal Impurity of Lightning - Vaal Impurity of Ice - Vigilant Strike

    The Vaal Impurities eats up a lot of souls when entering new map, and are not necessary for easy maps. I recommend you equip the right impurity gem for the right boss (if necessary), and for general mapping just go Conc Path(R)-Faster Attack(G)-Fortify(R).

    Boot 4L

    CWDT(1) - Immortal Call(3) - Blade Vortex(8) - - Phase Run(3).

    Glove 4L

    Firestorm(8) - Ball lightning(4) - CWDT(1) - Poison(20) - Slower projectile [Glove affix] - Blind [Glove affix]

    This is your mass ignite link, also blinds and poisons on hit.

    Helm 4L

    Vaal Molten Shell(20) - Fire Penetration(20) - Controlled Destruction(20) - Combustion(20)

    This is your VMS 4L, combined with helm socketed gem supported by Immolate and Conc Effect, this is essentially a 6L for boss fight.

    Chest 5-6L

    Herald of Agony(21) - Empower(4) - Damage on Full Life(20) - Minion Damage(20) - Pierce(20) - Vicious Projectile(20)

    This is your HOAG 6L. HOAG scales extremely well with gem level, hence if you want to level one gem up while mapping, make sure you start with something like Lv17.

    Martyr of Innocence 6S 5L for mapping

    CWDT(1)- Bladefall(4) - Curse On Hit(20) - Temporal Chain(20) - Flesh Offering(8), VRF(20)

    Mass spammed Bladefall applies temp chain during mapping; VRF can be used in combination with VMS when entering boss fight. Temp chain can be changed for flammability for more damage buff.


    1. Pop all flasks run towards mobs

    2. Your BV will normally trigger the first ignite, and every other CWDT spell will burst like an avalanche.

    3. If you use RF, manually pop Dousing flask to stop RF self damage when monsters killed

    4. During boss fight, swap to sword/shield weapon set, and use VMS (and VRF) to kill boss. If the boss didn't die your crawler can reliably finish him off.


    Red Elder :

    T16 Hydra:

    All red elder guardians:

    T14 Palace (proof of concept):

    PoB Link:

    Skill Tree:

    Example Link:

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