The Top 9 Free SEO Tools of 2019

It’s difficult to attract visitors to your website without using the proper marketing strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) tools, whether paid or free, are incredibly useful with your site optimization marketing efforts. Here are some of the most helpful free SEO tools to give you the best chance at bringing traffic to your site.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console offers essential information about key elements of your site. It provides important data relating to the number and type of users you attract. You’ll always be notified about site issues along with recommendations on how to fix them. Its primary purpose is to ensure that your site meets Google’s standards. Considering a large majority of searches come from Google, this is a great tool to ensure your website is optimized for search.

GSC is a portal through which you can ask for Google to “reconsider” whether your site has been penalized in some way. There are many guidelines to follow to make sure your site is compliant. If you are using the Search Console correctly, your site shouldn’t face any penalties from Google.

Google Keyword Planner

One of the most important elements in any SEO strategy is keyword targeting. Targeting the wrong keywords can result in an ineffective campaign. With Google’s Keyword Planner, you can simply copy and paste in your website’s URL and be provided with a long list of suggested keywords. You should then review those keywords and incorporate the ones that relate to your products or services in your website’s content. Most searches occur in the form of a question, so you should treat your keywords as answers to those questions. When you answer these questions, you’re giving valuable information to users who visit your site looking for what you offer.

Google Optimize

When it comes to SEO, you need to consider far more than your rankings on Google. You have find the correct balance between optimized content, and content that is engaging. You may have hundreds of thousands people visiting your site each month, but if they are not buying your product or service, you are most likely wasting money. Google Optimize tests the content on your site. You have the ability to compare two pages or specific elements. This process will help you understand what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

SEO Workers Analysis Tool

This SEO Analysis Tool helps you evaluate and determine the ranking potential of your site’s pages. Its main purpose is to examine the meta tags of your pages and replicate it to the crawling technology as the search engines. Recently, a Firefox extension has been released that can be used to test a site’s pages with a single click.

Live Keyword Analysis

As mentioned previously, keywords are widely considered the most important element in any SEO campaign. You must use them correctly to form a successful strategy. Live Keyword Analysis can help you strike the correct balance between using too much and too little optimized content. You can copy and paste your content into the analyzer and see instant results, helping you publish more readable content with a higher keyword density. This tool can be incredibly useful for copywriters.


Social Media isn’t always a necessary part of an SEO strategy, but it is still a valuable tool for bringing traffic to your site. BuzzSumo tracks how much social media interest exists in relation to your content. Simply insert a URL in BuzzSumo and it provides you with that page’s engagement on platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. You will then see what type of content generates the most interest and tailor your strategy accordingly. Social media has a lot of power to generate brand interest online.


SEO is not a simple strategy, it needs a ton of consideration. There are many factors to evaluate, often making it difficult to decipher how successful a certain site will be. MozBar provides better insight into your SEO strategy. It gives your site with a score that measures how effective your SEO is. The tool tells you whether or not your content has a chance of ranking, and how high the competition is. When you use MozBar, you’ll see a deep level of data relating to the components of your site. This includes your title tags, headings and the number of characters.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO, a WordPress plugin,  helps evaluate your onsite content for SEO effectiveness. It contains graphics that  help you understand the search-friendly nature of your site. After analyzing your site, it provides a list of suggestions to help you improve it. If you don’t use WordPress, you can still use Yoast SEO by inputting the URL into the Real-time Content Analysis section. You will then be given a list of suggestions.

Online Broken Link Checker

Search engines consider links as an indicator for a website’s quality. Internal and external links influence where your brand ranks on SERP pages. Because of this, it is worthwhile to either eliminate or update broken links. One Broken Link Checker evaluates your entire site and alerts you to the internal and external links which need repair. With Online Broken Link Checker, you can find links that are broken, as well as links missing images and redirects.

“It’s essentially impossible to run a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy without the use of tools,” said a spokesperson for a Minnesota SEO service. “There are many more online SEO services that you can take advantage of starting with the list above. The key is to understand how to turn the information you acquire into a viable strategy. All of these tools will show you what you’re doing well and show you where you need to improve. Properly executing the image you receive will almost guarantee you seeing positive results.”


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