How Carbon Fiber Shafts Can Up Your Game Plus How to Get the Best Quality for Over $200 Less!

Have you used a carbon fiber shaft yet? If not, you might want to pick one up and see why top players rave about them. For starters, they offer a smooth frictionless playing surface and radial consistency. 

But those things alone might not compel you to get a custom carbon fiber cue shaft right this minute. The thing that WILL motivate you though is the increase in accuracy you will see due to the rigidity and low deflection you get by using one.

What Makes Carbon Fiber Shafts Better?

With that stiffness comes more efficiency in the hit, particularly with a hard tip.  As you likely know, when your hit is more efficient, less stroke speed is necessary to get that cue ball speed up to par. And if you’re not sold on that, perhaps you should pick one up and play.

The advantages to using carbon fiber over traditional pool cues is that the smoothness is unparalleled. With little friction, especially when you have an open bridge, it’s a better ride. Carbon fiber shafts also stay cleaner than their regular wood shaft counterparts. As you likely know from your wooden cues, it’s very difficult to keep them sealed and smooth. Eventually, they gain their share of scratches and dings and it comes time to replace or repair your lucky cue. 

With a carbon fiber shaft, you can simply wipe it clean with a damp towel or an alcohol pad. You won’t have to worry about the moisture causing problems for its reliability. On the topic of moisture, carbon fiber shafts won’t warp even in high humidity. That’s good news if you love to stash your cue in your car to play after work or any time the mood strikes. Those living in hot and humid climates will certainly be glad to have carbon fiber in their corner. 

In fact, it’s a whole lot more durable than the wooden cue shafts. And while carbon fiber cue shafts have been around for a little while (though arguably, not as long as wooden cues), there is a distinct difference when it comes to choosing the right one. In particular, one stands above the other choices. And what’s more, it costs over $200 less than all the others, all while outperforming them. 

Meet the Only Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft That Takes Your Game to the Next Level

You have many choices when looking for carbon fiber shafts. But with the release of the Black Magic Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts by Cue Crafters, it has created an entirely new echelon. 

What’s different about Black Magic shafts? The core is a proprietary design that provides forward balance and weight just like a traditional cue. You’ll find this makes playing more comfortable, plus it’s easier to transition to after playing with wooden cues for years. 

The unique core and construction technique of these low deflection carbon fiber shafts also provides better feedback, increased rigidity, and outstanding transfer of English and cue ball control. 

With all joint sizes and threads offered, you’ll find a shaft available for you in 29, 30, and 31-inch lengths. Tips are standard at 12.4mm and low-rise extended pro taper. While the competition also does this, only Cue Crafters can match your decorative ring work if you desire. If you need a complete cue, they do that too.

Why You Want Black Magic Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts

To be certain Black Magic stood up to its claims, Cue Crafters tested these shafts in local markets against the competition. In blind testing, the results were always the same with positive feedback time and time again for Black Magic. 

What players loved most was that forward balance, hit, and feel that gave them exceptional performance capabilities. As word gets out about Black Magic Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts, the demand is sure to increase. Especially when everyone finds out that it is over $200 less than every competitor out there. 

On top of that, the sustainable materials make a positive play for the environment. Traditional pool cue shafts are made from straight tight grained maple because those characteristics must be in place. For even better shafts, the wood comes from old slow growth trees in the colder regions of North America. Since these types of trees aren’t as easily replenished as poplar or pine are, switching to carbon fiber helps the world we live in.

Besides, wooden shafts warp and ding, plus they wear out faster than carbon fiber. Cue Crafters proudly makes and distributes Black Magic in the USA. If you want to enhance your game and be the envy of the room clearing every table you come across, click below to find out how you can score your very own Black Magic Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft for over $200 less than any of the competitors. 


What are you waiting for? At more than $200 less than the competition, you’ll want to snatch one up for yourself to play better than ever!


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