Barrier-free web design - why is that important

Some decades ago, most societies started to realize that it is important to integrate people with disabilities into everyday life. Therefore measures were taken. Wheelchair ramps became mandatory, traffic lights were equipped with circuits for blind people and so much more. Such developments would also be necessary for digital products. There is still a lot to do in this area.

Barrier-free Webdesign – a SEO factor?

Many webmasters create their pages and shops without even thinking that there are blind or deaf people for example. They can hardly use such offers. Meanwhile there are numerous options to help them.

Many people with visual impairment are not completely blind, but can only see very poorly. For them it would be helpful if the mobile phone display were larger and the app or website could be switched to a different resolution at the touch of a button. They also benefit from the contrast between text and background. Some websites are badly made in terms of color. A colored background with grey text may be artistically valuable sometimes. For the eyes it is poison.

Blind people cannot see a page at all. They have special software to read a page aloud to them. They can't see anything in pictures, but with the help of alt text and a picture description they can at least get an idea of what might be shown there. Google has also recognized this and attaches great importance to it. Experts can't stress enough that the alt-text has to be created and filled in well for every image. It should reflect very exactly what is shown on the photo. Such attributes are definitely an important SEO factor in the image search. 

It would also be very useful if someone would take the trouble to transfer all texts of a website into an audio format and make them available in an integrated player on the page.

Google has another means to promote accessible content. Most people aren't even aware of it, but YouTube offers the possibility to upload a subtitle. For short videos this is not a problem, for longer videos there is already more effort behind it. But, fortunately, a transcript can be created in the most important languages. YouTube tries to fade out the text by speech recognition. Channel operators only have to replace and correct the text, and the complete subtitle is ready. YouTube SEO experts assume that the subtitle is an important criterion. On the one hand, the video portal can better recognize what is actually shown in the text. In addition, these subtitles are provided with a ranking bonus for deaf people.

The bottom line is that it offers clear advantages in making its content barrier-free. It is estimated that on average about 1-3% of a society, no matter what country, have problems consuming normal websites. Whoever responds to the interests of these people with his texts, opens up a gigantic market that goes into the millions. Depending on the language area in which you operate. Who can get the most of these users to himself, his metrics benefit generally from this traffic.


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