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How to Convert Your Bathroom Into a Wet Room

The idea of having a wet room for many people sounds like an unaffordable experience. It is also often perceived that the process is difficult and laborious. But that is very far from the truth. Converting one of your bathrooms into a wet room is a much simpler process than you may imagine.

A wet room is a completely water proof bathing room. In converting a bathroom into a wet room, you will need to get rid of the bath and turn the whole room into a one big walk-in shower room.

There are various factors that you should consider while converting your bathroom into a wet room:

·Waterproofing –
this is a very important factor so as to ensure the bath water does not damage the walls and the floor. It entails preparing the floor, the bottom parts of the floor and the remaining sections of the walls for application of syrupy membrane before tiling. The bathroom door should also be considerably raised from the floor. Professionals like wet room construction Sheffield recommend a minimum raise of 5mm from the ground.

·Drainage – installation of wet rooms is better left to professionals. But if you want to do it yourself, it is important for you to create a gradient. Since the whole room is water proofed, you will need to create a path for the water to follow into the drainage system. A gradient can be achieved by installing a sub-floor which is in turn tiled. It can also be achieved by installation of customizable ready-made sloping floors that are also tiled.

Converting your bathroom into a wet room

It is always advisable to inspect your drainage for faults before installing a wet room. You will need the following for the installation process;

·Tray waste and trap

·Installation kit

i. Waterproof tape

ii.Floor primer

iii.PRO-seal pre mix tape sealer.

iv.Adhesive tape

Proper flooring for a wet is achieved by installing a sub-floor. The sub- floor is primarily a second floor placed over an existing floor in order to achieve the desired gradient. There is other by which a proper gradient can be attained like the installation of tray surfaces so that the whole room slants towards the drain.

Paint the walls with um’ which are in turn fitted with tiles after completely drying. This ensures that your walls are protected from leaks and damages. Raise the door by a considerable distance from the ground to insure against floods and drainage blockage.


If done by professionals like wet room construction Sheffield, wet room installation cost between £5k and £10k.

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