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The Brown County Senior Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, located in Green Bay, WI. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Our official CAP designation is GLR-WI-169. This Squadron is a "Senior Squadron" meaning there is no cadet program. Anyone interested in finding out more about Civil Air Patrol is encouraged to contact the group space manager or check out www.gocivilairpatrol.com

Though Civil Air Patrol is known for its flying missions, CAP adults members, known as Senior Members, do so much more than just fly. In fact less than a fifth of all CAP members are pilots or aircrew members. CAP adult members come from all walks of life. Some are doctors, nurses, paramedics, or other medical professionals. Others are lawyers, paralegals, accountants, computer programmers, and other business professionals and executives. Mechanics, cooks, teachers, police officers, clergy, parents, really just about any career or background can be useful to and found in the ranks of the CAP adult membership. CAP supports a variety of missions that require adults from all walks of life that you may not know about.

In emergency services and operations we not only need aircrew members, but also ground team members to aid in the rescue of survivors or to assess damage after a disaster. CAP needs communications personnel to relay critical messages when there is limited or no telephone support. Administrative staff, financial managers, logistics and supply personnel are needed to document missions and get personnel critical supplies and equipment in the field that they need to conduct missions.

We are always looking for new members and you do not have to be a pilot or have a military background. Our group is 100% volunteers of various ages, backgrounds and professions. If you have an interest in aviation, aerospace education, search and rescue, community involvement, etc, this may be a good opportunity for you. Membership is $70 for the first year and $60 annually after that. Applications are available by attending the squadron meetings. We do not discriminate on the basis of age*, sex, race, religion, political preference or a bad sense of humor.

*you must be at least 18 years of age to be a senior member. If you're under 18, we can help you find a composite squadron which accepts cadet applications.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/browncountycap/
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Capt. Chris Thetreau - Squadron Commander

Brown County Civil Air Patrol : WI-169

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Senator Dave Hansen Welcomed Into the CAP

Posted by Member 1f20bb6, Sunday, July 24th, 2016 @ 9:12pm

  • Wisconsin Senator David Hansen was welcomed into the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) by members of the Brown County Senior Squadron (BCSS).  Major Senator Hansen is a member of CAP’s Legislative Squadron.*  During the meeting he was presented with his membership card and official CAP uniform shirt by BCSS Commander Chris Thetreau.

    Wisconsin Senator Dave Hansen (Green Shirt) poses with members of the Brown County Senior Squadron in front of a Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182.

    Members of the Wisconsin Legislature may join the Legislative Squadron. These members receive the honorary grade of Major and may also fly in CAP aircraft. See the current list of Wisconsin Legislative Squadron Members here.

BCSS and FCCS Squadron Joint Training

Posted by Member 1f20bb6, Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 @ 11:47pm

  • The Brown County Senior Squadron (BCSS) teamed up with the Fox Cities Composite Squadron (FCCS) during weekend training exercises May 14.  During their initial exercise, BCSS members 1st Lt Dennis Kellner, flying as Mission Pilot, Capt Chris Thetreau as Mission Observer, and Capt Todd Meyer as Mission Scanner, flew a simulated Search and Rescue flight. The ground team (mostly cadets) had just enjoyed a chilly night in the woods and was on their second day of training.   The training exercise simulated a “lost hiker” situation where cadets on the ground were “lost" and needed to signal a search aircraft.  The BCSS team practiced search patterns and found the hikers, who used a variety of skills and tools - from tarps to mirrors to body signals - to signal the aircraft.  Capt Meyer was on his first flight in the Mission Scanner training role and kept very busy. The cadets practiced signaling techniques and the aircrew practiced interpreting them and gave feedback using radios.   Everyone on board the aircraft and on the ground was learning and advancing – it was a very productive training exercise. 

    Following a nice lunch and some camaraderie, the aircrew prepared for a second flight.  The second exercise involved a simulation of a downed aircraft, where the only trace was an emergency radio beacon signal.   The aircrew detected and narrowed down the origin of the signal, made more difficult by direction finding equipment failure which forced the crew to use “manual” methods (successfully :) ) Our aircrew was able to direct the ground team to relocate to the general area and use ground equipment to ultimately, successfully find the source of the electronic signal.   Afterward, both crews met at the Civil Air Patrol hangar in Appleton to share information, photos and feedback.  It was a fun, interesting and educational time interacting with the other squadron, the cadets and the environment - like most Civil Air Patrol events!   Every part of the day was full of opportunities and well worth the time spent. 

    - Written by 1st Lt Dennis Kellner - Also pictured

Recent Training Mission

Posted by Member 1f20bb6, Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 @ 1:26pm

  • March 6 2016 - Brown County Senior Squadron members happily prepare for a training mission.  Capt Karen Kalishek (right front) Mission Pilot, 2d Lt John Bellin (left front) Mission Observer, Capt Joe Williams (center) Mission Scanner.  The training mission involved locating and photographing specific structures on the ground at designated latitude/longitude coordinates'

    Comments by Capt Kalishek: 

    "This training was both very practical and a lot of fun.  In other words, a typical training mission. However, our specific objectives and how we meet them varies flight by flight, which makes training missions both challenging and enjoyable. These training flights are great for team building. Each crew member has separate responsibilities, but all work together to achieve the goal. Back stories are created for our training missions and these stories can be very creative.  The following purely fictional tale gave added weight to our March 6 practice in location searches and airborne photography.

    We were tasked with locating ‘missile silos’ (barn silos) at a designated coordinate, and taking photos to confirm whether the silos were open or closed. Our mission would determine whether a malfunction had occurred.  The ‘missile silos’ were cleverly designed to mimic barn silos. Considering  the number of farms in the area, it was crucial that we employ good crew management and locating skills to identify the correct silos.    Our crew talked about the situation,  and realized that the threat of nuclear devastation could only be avoided by our heroic efforts.   We would save the world.

    Clearly the above scenario is pure fiction, but our training was not. We all learned a lot, and gained skills that will reap benefits in the future. Having fun along the way was an added benefit."

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Brown County Civil Air Patrol

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