TCBC Guidelines

Doggy Manners & Safety Guidelines

Off-leash dog areas can be doggy heaven or it can be your dog's worst nightmare. This list of guidelines are set to ensure a happy and healthy Boxer event for everyone. The same rules can be found at most dog parks.

A reminder will be given if any of these guidelines are not met. After fair warning, and continual refusal, you will be asked to leave the TCBC event and membership with the Twin Cities Boxer Club may be revoked.


  • Boxers Only - This is a Boxer club and therefore only purebred Boxers (sorry - no mixes) are allowed to attend off-leash Twin Cities Boxer Club (TCBC) events. We occasionally hold leashed events, where all furry members of your family are welcome to join us.
  • Play Area - the play area is defined as any area where TCBC members' Boxers are gathered for an off-leash TCBC event (i.e. park, backyard, dog park, etc.).
  • Leash - Dogs must be on a six-foot, non-retractable leash at all times when outside play area.
  • Collars/Tags - All dogs will be required to wear a flat-buckle collar and current Rabies tag at all times during Twin Cities Boxer Club (TCBC) events. I.D. tags are also strongly recommended.  Harnesses, prong collars, slip collars, and head collars (Halti, Gentle Leader, etc.) are not allowed in the off-leash play area, and should be removed before you let your Boxer loose in the play area.
  • Age of Dog(s) - All ages are welcome. However, if you bring a puppy under 16 weeks old, he/she must be held at all times and not put down on the ground in the OFF-LEASH play area. Puppies under 4 months have not had all the necessary inoculations to allow them to play with other animals. They are also at risk for injury (stepped on, knocked over, etc.) from bigger and/or over rambunctious "teenage" Boxers or those that may not have any experience with baby Boxers. An exception to the puppy rule would be for puppy only events, at which there is a 12 week  minimum age to participate.
  • Vaccinations & Fecal Tests - Due to communicable diseases and parasites ... proof of current rabies, parvo, distemper and hepatitis vaccinations (or Titers), and an annual negative (worm-free) fecal test are required. A Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination is also STRONGLY recommended. Proof of vaccinations (from your Veterinarian) may be faxed to 651-636-3299, or if you prefer, you can mail them (contact the TCBC Organizer for address). FYI ... MN law requires that your Boxer must wear their rabies' tag at all times, when in public. Non-vaccinated (or non-Titered) dogs will NOT be allowed in the off-leash play area and will be asked to leave the TCBC event.

    IMPORTANT: If your Boxer has worms, is on worm medication, or has recently had worms ... proof from your Vet that your Boxer is now in-the-clear and is worm-free must be submitted, BEFORE he/she can attend a TCBC off-leash play date.
  • Illness - Please do NOT bring an ill, or recently ill, Boxer to TCBC events. This includes parasites such as worms, mites, ticks, and fleas. This also includes mange and any other communicable disease.
  • Spay/Neuter - This is a hot topic. There are many pros & cons. Even if we disagree, we will respect the views of all our members. Spaying/Neutering does NOT guarantee good behavior in a dog, nor does it prevent bad behavior. TCBC will not restrict participation in events based on whether a dog is spayed/neutered or not, but rather on it's BEHAVIOR.  It is up to each owner to do what is best for each Boxer in regards to spay/neuter.
  • Estrus - If your female Boxer is in heat, or has recently been in heat, or is about to come into heat ... please do not attend the current TCBC event. Even if you leave your female Boxer at home, the scent is still on you and the other Boxers in your family, and may cause a disruption at the event. Female Boxers in heat will not be allowed to attend TCBC events.
  • Adopted/Foster/"New" Boxers - In an effort to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases, we ask that if you have recently adopted/fostered/purchased your Boxer, that you wait at least four (4) weeks until you bring them to one of our TCBC Events.
  • Behavior - Please do not bring a Boxer that does not mingle well with others (dogs and/or people) to off-leash TCBC events. Keep in mind that this is not a place to train. This is a time for enjoying yourself and your Boxer.  If your Boxer has known "issues", please seek the advice of a dog trainer/behaviorist, and do not bring them to off-leash events.
  • Children - Children over the age of 10 years old (or with pre-approval by Organizer) are welcome to attend TCBC off-leash events, as long as they are well behaved (no running or screaming) and under the supervision of an adult at all times. This means if you bring a child and a Boxer, you will need two adults in attendance. In the confusion and fun in the off-leash area, some dogs may mistake a running or screaming child for another playing dog or even a wild animal. This area is not designated as a child's play area. Some TCBC event locations have a separate child playground area. Contact the TCBC Organizer for specific information.
  • When you arrive at a TCBC event - please sign-in & fill out our guest log. Everyone is required to sign-in, even if you have been to a TCBC event before. If you do not sign-in and fill out all requested information you will be asked to leave the TCBC event. Also please fill out & wear a name tag ... include your first name and the name of your Boxer. (Some TCBC events do NOT require a sign-in or name tags. Whether, or not, it is required will be noted in the TCBC event description.)
  • As you enter the play area - always have your dog next to you or behind you. Do not let the dog go through the gate ahead of you. Pay attention to the reception from the dogs already in the play area. Close the gate behind you and move your dog away from the entrance. Keep walking away from the gate ... this keeps the off-leash play area neutral territory. Also, please try to arrive "on-time".  Late arrivals can cause disruptions between the dogs in the play area.
  • You may bring only one Boxer per adult into the play area - If you have more than one Boxer, you are welcomed and encouraged to bring an adult guest to supervise your other Boxer. Boxers must be under the control (visual & voice) of their adult owner/guest at all times. Owner(s) must have a leash in-hand at all times while in the off-leash play area.
  • If you must leave a dog unattended - please return them to the safety of their crate in your vehicle. Never leave your Boxer tied to a post, fence, or unattended outside your vehicle.
  • Dog Parks, Training facilities, etc. - We ask that you please observe, and make yourself familiar with, all the posted park/facility rules.
  • Aggression - Participation in TCBC events will be based on each Boxer's behavior. Barking, leg-lifting, humping, staring, growling, jumping up, placing their head on another dog, and pinning can all be aggressive/dominant behaviors. Educate yourself on dog/pack behavior. Ask questions. A behavior that concerns you may simply be a rambunctious play style. Dog behavior can be unpredictable around other dogs and strangers. If a dog begins to exhibit aggressive behavior (bark, pin, hump, stare, etc.) they should be verbally disciplined (e.g. "No", "Hush", "Off", or "Leave it") and their attention redirected. A squirt with a spray bottle often is a good deterrent. For the safety of all the dogs at the event, however, immediately leash your dog if it exhibits excessive/continual (e.g. more than 2 times) aggressive behavior and temporarily leave the OFF-LEASH play area (take a short walk or place the dog in a sit-stay outside the play area). Dogs known to be aggressive toward other dogs or people (or exhibiting any threatening behavior) may not enter the off-leash area. If a TCBC representative feels that your dog is aggressive you will be asked to leave the off-leash area at once.
  • Exercise (potty) your dog before entering the play area - You are responsible for cleaning-up after your dog inside AND outside the play area. Please remember to bring DO-DO bags. Picking-up after your Boxer is one of the most important things you can do to help ensure the ongoing success of the TCBC events. Owners must clean-up after their dog(s) to decrease the spread of disease. Please pick-up after your own dog, and even pick-up a few extras!
  • Dog Treats & Water - Please be respectful of other owner(s) and don't give snacks or treats to another dog without first gaining the owner(s) permission. Dog treats are only allowed outside the play area. Food in the off-leash play area may lead to fights. Please DO remember to bring WATER for your Boxer, however.
  • Please keep the play area clean - Use trash cans ... please pick-up and dispose all DO-DO bags, trash, pop/water bottles, etc.
  • No Smoking - smoking during TCBC events is prohibited. Smoking, plus the hectic environment of a dog event, can result in accidental burns, ashes in dogs eyes, etc. Cigarette butts are also very harmful and/or poisonous to dogs.
  • Eating & Drinking - No food (people or dog) is allowed in the play area. Food in the play area may lead to fights. The only exception would be training bait during a training session. You are welcome to bring something to drink ... coffee, water, pop,etc. (no alcohol) to TCBC events.
  • Twin Cities Boxer Club (TCBC) events are alcohol, drug and smoke-free. Persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be asked to leave.
  • Please remember to show courtesy and respect to all persons and dogs - Although we may have a wide variety of views and opinions, we do share a common love for Boxers. Also, please remember to be patient with new Boxers ... socialization can take some time.
  • LASTLY, AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - Relax, have fun, meet other Boxer lovers, and take those Boxer-kids home totally tuckered-out from all the fun! smile

By-the-way ... Twin Cities Boxer Club events are PRIVATE events
(TCBC members & their guests ONLY).
Please do NOT post our events on ANY other boards
(those who do so may be removed from the group). Thanks!



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