Box League Rules


1. All league matches will be played to conform to England Squash Rules, additionally players must be paid up full members of the Black Lion Squash Club

2. All matches should be played at Medway Park Leisure Centre but, can be played at another venue by mutual agreement.

3. The match is best of five games, first player to win three games, and should be played using a double yellow dot ball.

4. The match result will be at the end of 40 minutes, UNLESS both players agree to play on or complete at another time.

5. If the match is finished after 40 mins ONLY completed games will count towards the result.

6. ALL matches MUST be played within the leagues dates, any played out of these dates will not count.

7. Scoring will be PAR (American Scoring) to 15 points, in the event of the score reaching 14-14, then play will continue until one player has won by 2 clear points. 

a. Point scoring is as follows:-
• One point for turning up to play
• One point for each game won

b. Generally each league duration will be four weeks with at least one six week period at holiday times (July/August) and during the Christmas period. There will be a one week break between periods for the League Secretary to formulate the next league period.

c. The League Secretary wherever possible will form league boxes of FIVE players. In some case’s this may not be possible and he/she will use his/her discretion and may form league boxes of more or less than five players.

d. Wherever possible the two players with the highest points will advance UP one league, and the two players with the lowest points will go DOWN one league. The third place player in the league will remain in the same box.

e. If two players have the same points, then the winner of their match will receive ½ point extra, to enable the AUTOMATIC league system to work. If the players have a drawn match, then the highest player will be declared the winner.

f. If the box consists of more than five players ONLY two will go UP, and two DOWN.

g. The winner in each league (except League 1) will be assured of going UP into a higher league box. This includes the times when a large number of new or returning players come into or back into the league.

h. When new players or injured players are placed in boxes, this may result, for example, in only one player going UP and three DOWN, or NO movement except that the winner of the box is guaranteed to move up to the next box.


a. If you contact a player twice and no arrangement can be made to play, or the opponent in an arranged match fails to turn up, you may claim the match by informing the League Secretary prior to and then inserting in the result box your win as 3 and your opponents as minus ( – ) this helps the League Secretary to note that YOU have claimed the match in case of a dispute.

Please note – it is not acceptable to try to make contact and claim games in the very first week of a new league period. If there are still two or three weeks of a period to play matches and opponents have said they can play later in the period then players will be expected to play the match(es) rather than just claim.


a. If you withdraw from the leagues due to injury, work or personal reasons any games that have been played and recorded within the league box will not stand – therefore you will drop down one league. See also clause 11a.

b. If you withdraw BEFORE the league session starts and have informed the League Secretary by the last day of the previous league you will return in the same league box at the League Secretary’s discretion, BUT you may also come under clause 11b or be subject to the number of new players or movement of those in the previous period.


a. New members of the Club on paying their subscription will be assessed by an appointed assessor of the Club, who will advise the League Secretary of the league box the player should play in. See clause 13a.


a. Players returning from injury will be placed in ONE box LOWER than the box they were originally in at the discretion of the League Secretary and may be subject to the number of new players or movement of those in the previous period.

b. If a player wishes to return after a LONG TERM injury or ABSENCE, (6 months or more) they may need to be assessed by the Clubs appointed assessors before being entered into the league boxes.


a. You must inform the League Secretary BY THE LAST DAY OF THE PREVIOUS LEAGUE OF YOUR REQUEST TO RETURN TO THE LEAGUE. But you may come under clause’s above.


a. The assessors are Dinesh Bansal, Mick Jones, Paul Wilson, Len Locke, Rob Parry.


a. All players that represent the Club, must be paid up members of England Squash, and conform to the rules of the Kent League.

b. Any action taken against the player by the Kent Squash will be upheld by the Club.


a. Abuse to any Member of the Club WILL result in disciplinary action being taken as per the rules within the Clubs constitution.


The League Secretary will apply these rules every month rigidly, BUT due to unforeseen circumstances and other factors, there may be occasions when they will have to use their discretion in forming the league. The League Secretary at all times will form the leagues in an unbiased and fair as possible way.

We will be using an Automatic league system, but it will also be checked manually, in particularly when NEW/INJURED players join or re-join the league.

Black Lion Squash Club

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