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The core value of this group is to bring developers up to speed with BB technology, concentrating on BB10.Exploring efficiency, beauty and power BlackBerry provides to its users by designing Apps that can be used globally and that improves developers life as it improves community life.

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BlackBerry Developer Meet-up September (Built For BlackBerry Revitilized)

  • Saturday, 14th September 2013 at 3:30pm - 8:30pm
    Location: ihub Bishop Magua Building George Padmore Lane Nairobi, Nairobi KE

    Register Here

    • 12 people attended

Built For BlackBerry and Certification

  • Saturday, 3rd August 2013 (all day)
    Location: Ihub 4th Floor Bishop Magua Centre

    Now that everyone is looking forward to build application which qualifies for built for BB We…

    • 45 people attended


  • Saturday, 4th May 2013 at 10am - 5:30pm
    Location: IHub Nairobi

    It was amazing to get great ideas hit the floor as we get new developers started as well as…

    • 22 people attended

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Using Google Play Bulk Licensing with BlackBerry UEM

BlackBerry UEM allows you to choose apps from Google Play to be deployed to your Android Enterprise users.  Apps can be configured to be required or optional.  This is a simple process for free applications.  But you may wonder how this should be done for paid apps.  It would be very inefficient to just whitelist a paid app in BlackBerry UEM and have employees purchase and expense it to the company.  The better approach is to use the bulk licensing feature of Google Play.

Step 1 – Make the Bulk Purchase in Google Play

The first step is to make a bulk purchase in Google Play.  To do so log into https://play.google.com/work with the Google account used to set up Android Enterprise on your BlackBerry UEM server.  After selecting the app you wish to purchase, you’ll see screens similar to the one below, where you can click on the Buy button to purchase licenses in bulk.

Step 2 – Add the App to BlackBerry UEM

The process to add a bulk license app to BlackBerry UEM is the same as any other app found in Google Play.

  1. From the left menu in BlackBerry UEM choose Apps
  2. Click on the Add App button
  3. Choose Google Play
  4. Locate the application and click Approve

Step 3 – View Used and Available App Licenses in BlackBerry UEM

As shown in step 1, you can log into Google Play Work with your Android Enterprise administrator account to view the used and available app licenses.  This information is also visible in BlackBerry UEM (version 12.8+).  To see it, follow the steps below.

  1. From the left BlackBerry UEM menu, expand Apps
  2. Click on Android app licenses
  3. Scroll to view the desired application

Following the steps above will allow you to efficiently distribute paid apps from Google Play to Android Enterprise users.

on 15th January
The 12 Days of Development

🎵 On the first day of development my team lead gave to me, a project without any security. 🎵

On the second day of… <Editors Note:  The Project Manager has requested we pull this into a single verse.  Please move directly to day 12.>

On the twelfth day of development my team lead gave to me…

12 days of professional service consulting from BlackBerry,

11 design documents stored in BlackBerry Workspaces,

10 BlackBerry UEM Cloud trial accounts,

9 BlackBerry AtHoc Alerts,

8 BlackBerry SDKs,

7 BlackBerry Developer Forum posts,

6 sample applications,

5 BlackBerry Developer Blog tutorials,

4 BlackBerry Dynamics Shared Services,

3 BlackBerry Marketplace app listings,

2 BlackBerry ISV Partnerships,

…And an application with strong security!

We hope you have a safe and secure holiday, best wishes

on 20th December 2018
BlackBerry Spark Communications SDK (R7)

The latest release of the BlackBerry Spark Communications Services has received a major update to fully enable secured IoT functionality.

This release includes a number of improvements in the service, including a big one for developers looking to rapidly prototype their ideas, and a new client for those keen on IoT, especially for Raspberry Pi.

New Development Support:

Android ARM 64 support (means you can run Spark applications on ARM-64 Android devices, including Android emulators on your PC)

Improved Trial Experience

  • We have simplified the trial process, you no longer have to specify your own identity manager for development use
  • This will allow you to rapidly protype your ideas, or get started with one of our sample apps faster then ever.

Linux Client (preview)

  • Includes samples and updated guide information for linux.
  • x86_64 support for development on desktop, and especially Raspberry Pi’s (currently r64 Pi only).

New APIs:

Chat Events – Online-only messages that can be used to send real-time data, such as location info

Sync Private Chat data – lets you have your own private data field for each chat.

Visit the BlackBerry Spark Communications Services Guide for more information. 

on 10th December 2018

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