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The core value of this group is to bring developers up to speed with BB technology, concentrating on BB10.Exploring efficiency, beauty and power BlackBerry provides to its users by designing Apps that can be used globally and that improves developers life as it improves community life.

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BlackBerry Developer Meet-up September (Built For BlackBerry Revitilized)

  • Saturday, 14th September 2013 at 3:30pm - 8:30pm
    Location: ihub Bishop Magua Building George Padmore Lane Nairobi, Nairobi KE

    Register Here

    • 12 people attended

Built For BlackBerry and Certification

  • Saturday, 3rd August 2013 (all day)
    Location: Ihub 4th Floor Bishop Magua Centre

    Now that everyone is looking forward to build application which qualifies for built for BB We…

    • 45 people attended


  • Saturday, 4th May 2013 at 10am - 5:30pm
    Location: IHub Nairobi

    It was amazing to get great ideas hit the floor as we get new developers started as well as…

    • 22 people attended

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Top JavaScript Frameworks for Enterprise Mobility (Part 3/3)


Thanks Chad and Naveenan for introducing us to some JavaScript frameworks in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. It is great to weigh up the pros and cons of the different available frameworks before starting a new project and Chad and Naveenan gave us a deep-dive into the capabilities of the four frameworks. If you have not already done so, I would recommend following the two links above and reading both of those parts now.

Where do I start?

Framework selection

From the start, it is obviously a good practice to have a stated goal with your project. It is always more difficult to hit a moving target… ;)

As part of that stated goal, do some research around what the addressable device estate is going to be to get an idea which handset types and screen sizes you will have to support. Having an idea which devices the end-users are using might give you a nudge in the right direction for the correct framework selection.

From a look and feel perspective, some of the frameworks are quite opinionated:

Ionic – traditionally comes with the typical iOS look-and-feel (even though there is a project to support Android’s Material Design from within Ionic).

Angular-Material – squarely aimed at Android devices and may have a slightly higher learning curve for end-users that are used to using iOS applications.

jQuery Mobile – more agnostic with regards to the supported themes that are available. Even though it provides themes for different OS platforms to mimic the system’s look-and-feel is provides a consistent user experience across the platforms.

Sencha Touch – like jQuery Mobile, it provides a more or less consistent look-and-feel but unlike jQuery Mobile, it does not rely on mark-up to build the user interface. You also get native looking UI widgets to target a specific platform.

All of the frameworks provide support for theming to make sure you can make your brand colours shine in your application project.

What about architecture?

Naturally, the question of architecture will come up and as we know, JavaScript is no longer restricted to the browser. One consideration concerning architecture might be the BES12 in your company. With that, you will not need to worry about securing the transport of your data packets as you participate in your company’s network behind the firewall with your mobile application!

In Conclusion

In the end, each framework serves a purpose and has its own area of specialty where it shines. The hard part now is deciding which one best fits your needs. Although there are many other frameworks out there, we hope we have been able to shed some light on some of our favourites.

1 day ago
This Week in BlackBerry World: Vendor Stats

This week we would like to highlight a great app that tracks metrics.

Vendor Stats is a native BlackBerry 10 application that provides vendors with metrics about their applications performance on BlackBerry World.

Features Include: metrics for download numbers, purchases and revenue with customizable time frames

To get more information about this great app, we asked the developer, Sven Ziegler of Sven Ziegler IT Solutions a few questions.

“As a BlackBerry Developer you’re always on the hunt for additional ways to keep an eye on your vendor stats and app metrics”


Where did the idea come from?
Analyzing different app-metrics has become very popular the last several months. I’ve been interested in stats my whole life and the interest didn’t decrease when I started to release my first apps in 2011. So I was already keen about different ways to analyse downloads and purchases. The BlackBerry Vendor Portal already gives you a nice glimpse about how your apps perform, but you need to dig deeper and experiment with custom reports, to get more out of it. You can even download complete CSV files, but to be honest I have never been a big fan of doing analytics with Excel. I wanted to have all the data in one simple database. A database that would enable me to do more analytics. Ths idea was the starting point of Vendor Stats. :)

How long did it take to develop the app?
It took me about three weeks, from start to finish. That time span already includes a lot of testing and interaction with my totally engaged beta testers. Together we managed to add some very cool stuff to the first release.

Who are your ideal customers?
Every developer who has at least one app published in the BlackBerry World! It doesn’t even matter if the app is developed for BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry PlayBook or even the old legacy devices, because every app that is shown in the Vendor Portal is available for the statistics. As a developer you what to know the effects of your last promotion. Did the sales increase after the recent blog post? Did they increase after a feature on BlackBerry World? How do the downloads / purchases develop over the week / month / year? Find out what’s working best for you and your apps.

Why should customers buy your app?
Vendor Stats offers the most efficient and reliable way to have a look at your key statistics! Access all the information you care about, even when you’re on the go.

If you were looking for an app like this, look no further and get it now.

Together with this app we are recommending a few other applications available on BlackBerry World:

Missed the previous episodes? Check them out to discover more high-quality apps for your BlackBerry!

2 days ago


Catch this on-demand recorded webcast originally presented live on Tuesday August 25th by Ed Bourne, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager here at BlackBerry. An information packed Enterprise Developer’s “need to know” follow up to the recent launch announcement of BES12.2.

The latest iteration of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12 offers expanded multi-OS capabilities and many interesting opportunities for enterprise developers.

This Webcast will explore these topics:

  • Discover how to distribute certificates to Android Secure Workspace (SWS), Android for Work (AfW) and Samsung KNOX
  • Learn how to activate an Android for Work solution on your phone with BES12
  • Understand what support for the work container on Samsung KNOX means to you
  • Learn how support of Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) provides an easy way to bill for your apps in an enterprise environment
  • Explore how support for the UDP protocol through BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus enables you to deploy VOIP/stream audio/video/etc.

Watch it here

6 days ago

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