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The core value of this group is to bring developers up to speed with BB technology, concentrating on BB10.Exploring efficiency, beauty and power BlackBerry provides to its users by designing Apps that can be used globally and that improves developers life as it improves community life.

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BlackBerry Developer Meet-up September (Built For BlackBerry Revitilized)

  • Saturday, 14th September 2013 at 3:30pm - 8:30pm
    Location: ihub Bishop Magua Building George Padmore Lane Nairobi, Nairobi KE

    Register Here

    • 12 people attended

Built For BlackBerry and Certification

  • Saturday, 3rd August 2013 (all day)
    Location: Ihub 4th Floor Bishop Magua Centre

    Now that everyone is looking forward to build application which qualifies for built for BB We…

    • 45 people attended


  • Saturday, 4th May 2013 at 10am - 5:30pm
    Location: IHub Nairobi

    It was amazing to get great ideas hit the floor as we get new developers started as well as…

    • 22 people attended

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Attention BlackBerry Dynamics Android Developers – SDK URL Update

Attention Android developers who are using BlackBerry Dynamics and installed the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK using Android SDK Manager. On March 22, 2017, we will be performing another step in the rebranding process (from Good Dynamics to BlackBerry Dynamics), which will include a change to the website domain.  This change will impact the Android SDK Manager as the user defined URL you added will no longer be available.  The impact to you will be that your Android SDK Manager will not detect updates to the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.  The new URL is: https://global.blackberry.com/en/sdk/android/addon.xml

Along with the URL update, we are changing the way we handle export control restrictions. Instead of having to log in to the update site, we are now using IP geo-location blocking.  This means you won’t have enter your login credentials every time you check for updates.

The good news is you can easily update the user defined URL you have configured, without re-installing the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.  Here’s how:

  1. Launch Android Studio
  2. Click on the Tools menu, select Android and then click on SDK Manager.

3.  Click on the SDK Update Sites tab.

4.  Select the BlackBerry Dynamics update site and click on the Edit button.

5.  Replace the existing URL with the new one, which is: https://global.blackberry.com/en/sdk/android/addon.xml

6.  Click the first OK button.

7.  Click the second OK button.

Your BlackBerry Dynamics SDK update site URL is now updated to the new location, allowing you to continue to receive notifications when we post new versions of the SDK.


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6 hours ago
BlackBerry World Spring App Picks

Birdie Up:

The wait is finally over! The first flowers and grasses awaken from hibernation and a cute little birdie too. After the long winter, it is hard to make the first flight attempt. Birdie Up is a simple yet addictive game. With a tap on the screen, the tiny bird makes a flap with its wings. The faster you tap, the faster the bird flies above and you get a bonus score. Try to get as high you can to beat your own high score and don´t be too upset if you lose. After all, it is spring time. http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/59956142/

РicMix for BlackBerry 10:

A picture is worth a thousand words, but multiple pictures in fancy frames, text caption and photo effects, are worth a MILLION stories. This spring, capture the beauty of all the blossom with PicMix. Combine your favorite photos into custom frames, finish it with a touch of fancy effects and share it with your friends on social media. You can even set it as your BBM™ or Twitter profile pictures. With many more features to play with, capture the scenery this spring and bring it to life with PicMix. http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/21971165/


Springy is a fun little pet that likes to nibble on your finger. Playing this addictive game will wear your fingerprints off your fingers. Just move your finger around the screen for 20 seconds so he can’t touch it. If you lift your finger off the screen or move it into the status bar area, then the game is over. The closer Springy gets to your finger, the more points you get. Occasionally, a wall will randomly appear. Bounce Springy off the walls to get extra points. This spring, enjoy this enjoyable time passer on those rainy days. http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20321211/

Rainy Day Theme: (BBOS only)

With the change in seasons it is only right to spice up the look of your BlackBerry device. So, this spring enjoy the monsoon with the Rainy Day Theme. This amazingly beautiful theme consists of rain falling on the ground and the beautiful wet glass wallpaper refreshes your mood and mind from all the outside noise. With features like high quality pictures, new clean and beautiful OS7 icons, and custom in call and outbound screens, your BBOS device will look as mesmerizing as ever!http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/119283/

Other apps worth checking out:


1 day ago
Securely Connecting to Enterprise Application Servers for BlackBerry Dynamics Apps

Today, I’d like to introduce the BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Communication APIs. BlackBerry Dynamics provides APIs to protect data in transit when making a socket or HTTPS request. When these APIs are used to send data from a client application, BlackBerry Dynamics encrypts and sends the data securely to enterprise application servers behind the enterprise firewall.

The following diagram illustrates how BlackBerry Dynamics applications can connect to application servers that are behind the enterprise firewall or on the Internet using the same APIs.

To reach servers behind the corporate firewall, connections go through a BlackBerry Dynamics Proxy server(GP) with options below:

BlackBerry NOC(Network Operation Center)

BlackBerry NOC provides the secure communication infrastructure. All BlackBerry Dynamics applications maintain a persistent connection to NOC by using SSL over TCP.

Direct Connect

IT Admins can also enable a BlackBerry Dynamics app to connect directly to a GP server without connecting through the NOC. Some organizations have additional data privacy requirements, restricting user data leaving from their networks therefore do not want their users and enterprise data to be routed via the BlackBerry Dynamics NOC.

These routing options can be configured in the UEM(Unified End-Point Manager) or stand-alone GC(Good Control) by IT admins and are transparent to the application code as the BlackBerry Runtime will handle the appropriate route automatically.

Let’s dive into the environment set up and platform specific APIs to access BlackBerry Dynamics secure communication. To establish the secure communication between your BlackBerry Dynamics app and enterprise application servers, the server information (host name and port) are configured in the enterprise management console such as UEM or GC.

Once UEM or GC server is configured for your application server(s), your app can use the BlackBerry Dynamics secure communication APIs to access the server(s). The platform specific APIs are listed below:

In the SDK for Android, you can use:

  • GDSocket class for socket connections and
  • GDHttpClient class for HTTP requests.

In the SDK for iOS, you can use:

  • GDSocket class for socket connections and
  • GDURLLoadingSystem with the native HTTP Request framework such as NSURLSession or NSURLConnection class. At the time of writing this post, NSURLSessionDownloadTask is not yet supported.
  • GDHttpRequest class for an alternative stand-alone interface

In the Cordova Plugin for Android or iOS, you can use:

  • GDSocket class for socket connections and
  • GDXMLHttpRequest class for HTTP requests

Secure communications APIs are available for Xamarin, Windows, macOS as well. For more details, check out the BlackBerry Dynamics Resources page.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for our next blog…

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6 days ago

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