Charity and Challenges*

Yesterday I gave a party and no one came!

It was someone's birthday and I invited you to come celebrate but you were to busy before the telly stuffing your face to come and share a little time with a friend.
It was a special occasion and we spent what little money we had on sprucing the place up, buying decorations with money we could of spent on our weeks food so it would look nice for you. But you could not even get off your sitter to come celebrate a little time with us.

It was a once in a life time moment to share with others close to you but you were to busy chasing your self importance to come spare a moment with us.
We understand that maybe you get a lot invites but we took would love your to hold our hand as we do for you. 
Those who seem to always the ones going to someone elses party but those people cant even spare them a moment in time are the one's with a broken heart because they really thought you were their friend.

You say there is no government!! Well when last did you actually pay them some respect?
I used to be quiet about the abuse and constant attacks until I realised the dept which is supposed to care couldn't care a damn to even read my submissions and find solutions. Really why should I go out there day after day listening to your complaints, your pains, your needs when you dont care that I dont receive a salary for championing causes, that I am not paid travel allowance for attending meetings to learn about your rights, I dont get gifts of lovely goodies as they are considered a bribe, Yet at the end of the day I take home an empty pay packet with maybe a pen, notebook and loads of marketing on what is up coming whilst being kicked in the teeth. I invite you to come spend a day with me and you cant even have the decency to rsvp or just pop in and say hi. Why should I care about the farmers who live day in day out in danger because they cant be civil. Why should I care about your homes when I cant even afford one?

Written by Heather Malcomess 2018 April

Charity and Challenges*

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