Charity and Challenges*

How to leave a legacy

1.    Think about the youngsters in your extended and immediate family.

a.    Who are they?

b.    What do they have?

c.    What future do they have?

2.    Try to map out a possible route for them and see what you have that would fit.

3.    Get rid of the big stuff that will require storage.

4.    Collect together things that would create a history.

a.    Where possible duplicate them into a digital format

        i.    Photos on to disk

       ii.    Write your story

      iii.    Although the internet is a good place to store memories remember that it costs and in some cases such             as Facebook only has a life span of 5 years.

b.    Keep birthday and Christmas cards they are valuable moments

                                          i.    Record what gift was received and if possible add a photo

5.    The bigger items sell them and put 50% into a trust fund account.

a.    It can start with as little as R10 per month

b.    It compounds interest so will grow

c.    It is secure and can’t be easily stolen

d.    Aunts, grandparents and parents can add to it

e.    It can pay for education or set the little one up in business.

6.    Simplify your life

a.    Get rid of things that don’t make you happy

b.    Change your job for something that will keep you going but is not taxing

c.    Record everything you do – photos, documents and networking

d.    Don’t buy that new car that is untested but rather go for a more solid longer on the market brand like Toyota or Isuzu. Even better revamp your old car and join a collector’s car club.

7.    Become involved in society so when you no longer have a 7 – 5 job you still have somewhere to go and something to do

8.    Start something or join something to make friends and keep you busy


Knitting club

Theatre group


Bike club

Film club


Help an entrepreneur

Art club


Photo club

Ship wreck club


Hospital angels club



Challenged persons club



Disabled assistance club



Animal rescue & care club



9.    If your career was not that good and you had hard times build a hobby that you can sell on the flea market.

10. Take it easy remember your body is also getting old and have plenty of rest, teas and walks.

Charity and Challenges*

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