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Herewith I would like to inform you and ask you to spread it to as many people and MCC as possible that we are a group of Ladies that started a support Group for abused Woman and Child. Keep in mind it is a support group and not a club!

The group will be called B.A.C.A.W.A South Africa (Bikers Against Child And Woman Abuse South Africa) the colors are black on pink. Pink and Black Gholf Shirts with Black stitching. I googled this and could not find a similar club or group name. If there are any objections please let me know as I would like to have this up and running asap.

Our goal: to educate women and children to be able to get out of the abusive situation and place them in Safe Houses or support them at court hearings.

We attended and supported our first victim on Friday, 3rd of May and we did make an impact in such a way that some of the police investigators came and spoke to me and asked to join as and I quote "Abuse and rape of babies, minors and Women are out of control, we can't keep up!"

This will be a non-profitable group and we say:
"Wake Up, take notice, we women are standing up and taking control over our own lives and those of our children! If you are man enough you will stand with us for your wife, Mother, Sister and children!"

Keep in mind it is a "support group" of Bikers not withstanding the club you belong to! I'm riding for CMA and I will keep on riding for them as I'm not starting my own club as I love the work I do in CMA, but I can also support and work in my community as a Lady Biker against abuse and rape!

 I just want to bring to your attention that an 80yr old WF was raped this past week end in Rustenburg.

Guys and Ladies, the police admits it is out of control and that the Forensic Dept is back logged to between 2 and 5yrs!  Are we all just gonna pull up our shoulders and say "O well it just happens to other people?" Well guess what you and I are "other people's, other people!" Are we gonna wait until it hits closer to home, my mother, my wife, my sister, my daughter? Well I have news for you, my niece's little son was raped at school after school while waiting for his mom to come and get him, by 3 African men!

So if it is not that important to you, go for gold and pray to God it will never happen to you or yours, me? I'd rather try and do something and get crucified for trying to do something than just stand by and feel good doing nothing!

Please people, we love a lekka day jol, lekka Rally, o and don't forget the Bible, Blanket and other charity runs but what about starting to stand together and say "No More!"

I'm planning to undertake a ride from Tzn to Cape Town in September against Woman and Child abuse, how many of you would like to join me, especially Ladies?

Let us stand together and fight the new disease that is overtaking our country, not cancer, not AIDS but Woman and Child abuse!

Anyone or MCC interested to join can contact me at 0722898663 or 0842861415 or my

Charity and Challenges*

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