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South Africa opens her arms to Knysna Storm and Fire Victims

Posted by Zwbdc, Saturday, 10th June 2017 @ 8:53am

Be sure to pass the right message to children

Posted by Zwbdc, Saturday, 31st December 2016 @ 11:12am

  • Be sure to pass the right message to children these days. This is not a way for a child to live.

    My name is Chris,
    I am three,
    My eyes are swollen..
    I cannot see.

    I must be stupid,
    I must be bad,
    What else could have made,
    My daddy so mad?

    I wish I were better,
    I wish I weren't ugly,
    Then maybe my mommy,
    Would still want to hug me.

    I can't do a wrong,
    I can't speak at all,
    Or else I'm locked up,
    All day long.

    When I'm awake,
    I'm all alone,
    The house is dark,
    My folks aren't home.

    When my mummy does come home,
    I'll try and be nice,
    So maybe I'll just get,
    One whipping tonight.

    I just heard a car,
    My daddy is back,
    From Charlie's bar

    I hear him curse,
    My name is called,
    I press myself,
    Against the wall.

    I try to hide,
    From his evil eyes,
    I'm so afraid now,
    I'm starting to cry.

    He finds me weeping,
    Calls me ugly words,
    He says its my fault,
    He suffers at work.

    He slaps and hits me,
    And yells at me more,
    I finally get free,
    And run to the door.

    He's already locked it,
    And I start to bawl,
    He takes me and throws me,
    Against the hard wall.

    I fall to the floor,
    With my bones nearly broken,
    And my daddy continues,
    With more bad words spoken.

    'I'm sorry!', I scream,
    But it's now much to late,
    His face has been twisted,
    Into a unimaginable shape.

    The hurt and the pain,
    Again and again,
    O please let it end!

    And he finally stops,
    And heads for the door,
    While I lay there motionless,
    Sprawled on the floor.

    My name is Chris,
    I am three,
    Tonight my daddy,
    Murdered me.

    And you can help,
    Sickens me to the soul,
    If you read this,
    And don't pass it on

    I'll pray for your forgiveness,
    You would have to be,
    One heartless person,
    Not to be affected,
    By this Poem.

    And because you ARE affected,
    Do something about it!
    So all I ask you to do,
    Is pass this on!


                       Chantelle Aldridge


Disabled Technology Day - Johannesburg

  • Saturday, 10th December 2016 at 7am - 4pm
    Location: 435 Rugby Ave, Ferndale Randburg Gauteng

    Are you a geek or techonology savy person. Yes ! great then today please volunteer at a base…

Profile the voices of creatives with disabilities.

Posted by Zwbdc, Thursday, 17th November 2016 @ 3:46pm

  • THISABILITY Newspaper will be travelling to the major cities of South Africa( Durban, Cape Town, PE/EL & JHB/Pretoria ) to profile the different voices of creatives with disabilities to give a multimedia reflection of the challenges they face with a view of introducing platforms of engagement and socio-economic empowerment.

    Leroy Moore, the founder of Krip-Hop Nation (a platform that educates the music industry, media industries and general public about the talents, history, rights and marketability of musicians with disabilities.) has been connecting with disabled artists/musicians/activists in Africa through the internet for the last five years.. After years of communicating on social networks like Facebook, it is time to meet face to face, through the trip to South Africa.

    Simon Manda, has collaborated with Krip-Hop Nation for two years to highlight disabled artists/musicians and now will partner with Leroy to travel around South Africa meeting South African musicians/poets/journalists and writers face to face sharing stories, collecting their art and writings for the book and their music to play on radio station in the US.  

    Up to today, there hasn’t been an anthology of  disabled artists/writers in the US displaying the talents, struggles and history of disabled people. People with disabilities live in poverty due to lack of opportunities. There is lack of awareness of the rich talents and bond creatives with disabilities.

    In South Africa, Kobus Moolman in 2002 edited an anthology titled “Tilling the Hard Soil: Poetry, Prose and Art by South African Writers with Disabilities” and although in the last five years in the US, people have seen more and more  disabled writers getting published - there was no awareness of Moolman’s work.

    There’s a lot of wisdom and ideas in the communities Krip Hop Nation represents. But these ideas are not shared and applied. That’s what Leroy’s trip (and the book) aim to achieve. Simon and Leroy will be observing, listening, documenting and collaborating with others in Africa and in America to help connect and expand visibility, voices, common bonds and differences with others in a book format. This project is an opportunity to bring out the needed communication between the disabiled community in the US & Africa and to build on our talents onto an international stage that Leroy hopes would lead to more collaborations .

    The tour will release a book and host talent showcases and forums in order to  a Database of Artists/Creatives with disabilities with site visitation (arts/creative industry projects on the ground), profiling and Interviews.

    Fund raising in order to meet the projects requirement of 

    • Audio Visual Components (Videography, Photography, Sound and Screens)

    • Hospitality Components (Accommodation, Transport and Refreshments)

    • Venues

    • Facilitators (Arts Practitioners)

    • Video Editing/Compiling

    • Book Publishing

    • Media and Publicity(Radio, TV, Internet (Social Media and Newspapers)

    Parteners will benefit in the following ways:

    • Brand exposure, partnerships and alliances across international platforms

    • An opportunity for Corporate Social Investment

    • Media and publicity mention via media platforms

    • Opportunity to support disability advocacy

    • An opportunity to be part of legacy documentation

    • Opportunity to engage CSO and disability initiatives for BEE score sheets


ZWBDC partners with THISABILITY Newspaper

Posted by Zwbdc, Thursday, 3rd November 2016 @ 6:27am

  • ZWBDC has agreed to partner with THISABILITY Newspaper as marketing for their A Journey to the South Tour

    THISABILITY Newspaper will spend the period of Nov-Dec 2016 travelling to the major cities of South Africa( Durban, Cape Town, EL, JHB & Pretoria ) to profile the different voices of creatives with disabilities to give a multimedia reflection of the challenges they face with a view of introducing platforms of engagement and socio-economic empowerment.

Salvation Army donation day

  • Saturday, 3rd October 2015 (all day)
    Location: Cape Town

    call 021 761 8530

Potjie Competition

  • Saturday, 29th August 2015 at 10am
    Location: 11th St, La Rochelle, Pioneer Park, Wemmerpan

Desperately Needing help

Posted by Zwbdc, Sunday, 28th December 2014 @ 6:56pm

  • Mariette Kroukamp is looking for possible sponsorships or donations towards Springs Child Welfare.
    Springs welfare department is in desperate need.
    Please check out my FB page and if you are able to assist in whatever way, please can you contact me.

    Warm Regards
    Mariette Kroukamp

Larato childrens home fundraiser

  • Saturday, 29th November 2014 (all day)
    Location: Country Pizza Fair

    On old R82 vereenigging/jhb road,between southgate /­ eikenhoff,
    For abused, raped,…

Youth March

  • Wednesday, 24th September 2014 (all day)
    Location: Walter Sisulu Centre Noordgesig

    Walter Sisulu Centre Noordgesig with the march starting at 8:30 and we expect to be finish at…

SAINT's Book Sale

  • Saturday, 5th April 2014 at 9am - 2pm
    Location: Northriding Square, Cnr Bellairs & Blandford, Northriding - Checkers & Dros.

    in aid of Husky Rescue.

Bikers Day

  • Sunday, 1st December 2013 (all day)
    Location: Nazrec

    A biker dedicated jol where you can…

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