The word bikers does not only allow for and cover fire eating steel boned bikers who are seen as a threat but also those that enjoy refined two wheeled motorised transport. Live with it there are two types of bikers and non of them fit the mold. 

The one type of biker likes to ride fast with little care whilst the other rides keeping to the speed limit and information displayed on signposts. The one likes to parade his masculinity having dominance everywhere they go whilst the other is reserved and who's punch makes a mark.

Bikers are friendly family type people who care about little old ladies when they are trying to raise funds for the elderly in government run homes.It is so misunderstood as to what bikers do for this country. That they lead protests such as that against e-toll or that we fight for kids and animal rights. Or is that it?? They hear the word fight and automatically assume that we don boxing gloves and loud hailers?

We need both types of bikers in order to be a force to deal with. Its like Starky and Hutch..one is refined and the other a fighter. Without the other it is not a complete picture as bikers would then been seen as Mafia or Wimps. Two wheels drive the passion and the blood and both have a right to exsist. 

Something I never realised would happen when in 1996 I created Zynbad Bikers was the power of cohesion. Through www.bikers.co.za people have come together united as one to change the world. The creation of badges was a start in order to give identity and then badges changed the way people thought by putting out what was held back. In 2002 the website began to advertise the rallies and people came together as a nation. Since then the website and the workers for biker causes have had an impact in changing lives. 

As I have worked with bikers since 1996 have I have had my life threatened and my work destroyed by persons who wish to dominate the scene. These persons use the good that bikers do for their own ill gain. 

The significance of what Bikers.co.za has done has reached the corners of the world and brought solutions to those needing them. We brought digital back into the country after the collapse in 2008 by searching for solutions to what we where building with a new website. This rolled out to charities that came to hear our story and small business that got recognition. 

Heather the owner of Zynbad Bikers left her home in 1996 bound on a voyage of discovery that took her all over the country. For ten (10) years she drove from one side of South Africa to the next with a shop folded into her car. Though Heather has failed her bike licence on 8 (eight)occassions due to physincal imbalance (when Heather was a child she fell from a height which affected her skeleton) she has attempted to be a rider. At one stage she owned a Honda Blackbird and several scramblers. However upholding the law and its conditions made it very difficult for her to ride without a licence. Her white bakki became a symbol of her stall which still sells badges to bikers. 

"We bikers should be proud to lead the way and to make changes in what is not fit" is Heather's philosophy. 

The bikers code is of LOVE, HONOUR AND RESPECT for both types of bikers. 

Viva La Bikers

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Zynbad Bikers

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