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Placer Mining is perhaps the only way an individual can go out on his own with very little investment and earn himself a living.  It takes a lot of hard work, patience, understanding bureaucracy, and above all building your own social profile; so that you as a Placer Miner as you move ahead, acquire claims, and become part of the bigger picture within the industry has developed a reputation for being a good steward of the land, all part of your social profile.  So as you venture out into the wilderness, respect all people's lands, respect all of nature, pack out what you take in, abide by the regulations within the area you are at, become known, be approachable and simply follow the rules. 

Over the years before we even thought of our own carbon footprint, industries of all natures were harvesting the natural resources of the land.  Perhaps the least disturbances would have been from Placer Mining.  HIghly regulated this industry continues to cling on to the historical past and individuals still thrust ahead to earn a living at this very challenging industry.  Changing governments, different bureaucracies that have changed over the years and many stakeholders all have an impact, and it is indeed a challenging industry to be in.  Old Growth timber lands will take many years to re-establish yet by demand logging under forestry still goes on, our dependency on fuels, products and innovative technology, and the demand to continue under Energy still continues.  Large coal operations, and other mining operations continue as their tax inputs are huge to the government, however the Placer Industry struggles being the lowest impact industry that violates the environment it does not have a huge economic impact on the government and is therefore the poor second cousin often ignored.  Yet, the areas in which the Placer Industry operates, all attest to the economic value of having Placer industry in their midst, as they all share in the economy this industry provides.  Placer Mining river reclamation is indeed blessed as mother nature provides the best reclamation possible once the rain starts to fall and the rivers start to flow.

BC Placer Miner Association 
British Columbia


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