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LONDON BAOP graphic.jpgAditya Shivane808.73Kb2nd Feb 2018
LONDON BAOP graphic.jpgAditya Shivane808.73Kb2nd Feb 2018
BAOP photo 2017.jpgAditya Shivane1.37Mb2nd Feb 2018
LONDON BAOP graphic.jpgAditya Shivane808.73Kb2nd Feb 2018
LONDON BAOP graphic.jpgAditya Shivane808.73Kb2nd Feb 2018
LONDON BAOP graphic.jpgAditya Shivane808.73Kb2nd Feb 2018
LONDON BAOP graphic.jpgAditya Shivane808.73Kb2nd Feb 2018
LONDON BAOP graphic.jpgAditya Shivane808.73Kb2nd Feb 2018
BAOP 2018 booking form.docxAditya Shivane35.06Kb2nd Feb 2018
BAOP 2018 London.jpgAditya Shivane808.73Kb26th Sep 2017
BAOP 2017 Meeting Review.docxAditya Shivane16.66Kb8th May 2017
BAOP.jpgAditya Shivane397.07Kb8th May 2017
PROGRAMME BAOP 2017.pdfCaroline Thaung89.46Kb24th Mar 2017
BAOP 2017 business meeting agenda.pdf
Business meeting agenda for 2017 Dublin meeting
Caroline Thaung38.22Kb16th Mar 2017
PROGRAMME BAOP 2017 - 20170303.pdf
Provisional meeting programme 3 March 2017.
Caroline Thaung90.01Kb3rd Mar 2017
BAOP Registration form 2017.docx
Meeting registration form
Caroline Thaung11.54Kb3rd Feb 2017
Accommodation list for March meeting
Caroline Thaung7.99Kb16th Jan 2017
Melanoma Course Paris 2017.26.09.2016.pdfCaroline Thaung118.18Kb6th Oct 2016
BAOP 2016 business meeting minutes.pdfCaroline Thaung74.79Kb19th Apr 2016
EyePath website flyer.jpgCaroline Thaung43.25Kb19th Apr 2016
BAOP secretary.pdfCaroline Thaung48.45Kb19th Apr 2016
BAOP constitution.pdfCaroline Thaung71.38Kb19th Apr 2016
NSOPS Consensus Panel 2015 output.pdfCaroline Thaung51.4Kb8th Apr 2016
BAOP 2016 prize winner.jpgCaroline Thaung310.47Kb23rd Mar 2016
BAOP 2016 - Business meeting agenda.pdfCaroline Thaung57.55Kb29th Feb 2016
Update on the ISOP and ESP activities.docxCaroline Thaung126.26Kb29th Feb 2016
BAOP Registration form 2016.docxCaroline Thaung12.05Kb19th Dec 2015
Final 2015 CM-Path recruitment advert.pdfCaroline Thaung376.41Kb25th Nov 2015
CM-Path NCRI Cancer Conference Poster Nov 2015 final.pdfCaroline Thaung834.94Kb25th Nov 2015
JH2006.jpgCaroline Thaung92.06Kb20th Nov 2015
Invitation letter BAOP 2016.pdfCaroline Thaung245.36Kb9th Nov 2015
Eye SNOMED for NSOPS_BAOP_7thMay2015.xlsCaroline Thaung486Kb8th May 2015
BAOP 2015 - Business meeting minutes.pdfCaroline Thaung74.31Kb5th May 2015
Cellular Pathology Research Attitudes Survey - Introduction.docx
2015 survey information
Caroline Thaung59.17Kb5th May 2015
BAOP 2015 prize.jpgCaroline Thaung277.86Kb22nd Apr 2015
BAOP 2015 - NSOPS 2014 consensus panel summary.pdfCaroline Thaung63.9Kb24th Mar 2015
BAOP 2015 Ophthalmic Pathology EQA Annual Report 2013-14.pdfCaroline Thaung99.64Kb23rd Mar 2015
BAOP logo 2015 square hi res.jpgCaroline Thaung13.85Kb20th Mar 2015
BAOP Glasgow logo.jpgCaroline Thaung9.58Kb20th Mar 2015
Ophthalmic Pathology EQA Annual Report 2013-14.docLuciane Irion44Kb18th Mar 2015
BAOP 2015 - NSOPS notes.pdfCaroline Thaung44.46Kb9th Mar 2015
BAOP 2015 - Business meeting agenda.pdfCaroline Thaung17.92Kb9th Mar 2015
EYE PATHOLOGY FEST MEETING JUL 2015.pptCaroline Thaung300.5Kb14th Aug 2014
BAOP minutes 2014.pdfCaroline Thaung53.93Kb12th Jun 2014
BAOP minutes 2005.pdfCaroline Thaung137.01Kb23rd Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2004.pdfCaroline Thaung137.74Kb23rd Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2003.pdfCaroline Thaung116.24Kb23rd Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2002.pdfCaroline Thaung182.07Kb23rd Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2001.pdfCaroline Thaung79.39Kb23rd Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2009.pdfCaroline Thaung58.65Kb8th Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2010.pdfCaroline Thaung62.31Kb8th Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2008.pdfCaroline Thaung71.28Kb8th Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2007.pdfCaroline Thaung74.86Kb8th Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2006.pdfCaroline Thaung57.85Kb8th Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2011.pdfCaroline Thaung59.15Kb8th Apr 2014
Summary of EQA discussion meeting March 2014.docCaroline Thaung25.5Kb8th Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2012.pdfCaroline Thaung63.19Kb8th Apr 2014
BAOP minutes 2013.pdfCaroline Thaung63.69Kb26th Mar 2014

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