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5 Clever & Practical Kitchen Corner Solutions

A common sight in the kitchens is empty corners and not utilising the space optimally. Every kitchen has corners; however, this space is not used prudently all the time. Well, it’s not that complicated either! Innovative and practical kitchen storage solutions are available for residential and commercial space.

Indeed, the kitchen is the heart of every home where family come together. After using kitchens for quite some time, many people begin to dislike their kitchens due to inconveniences caused by lack of storage space. The good news is there is a handy solution for this problem.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Choose the kitchen storage solution that best fits your requirements. Storage is one thing that will always seem inadequate. That’s because when you move into your new home, storage space begins to get filled with many things and the kitchen is no exception. Unused corner space is bothersome and could be used resourcefully. At present, you can opt from the five largely used and practical kitchen corner choices in Australia, and they are as below:

  • Lazy Susan
  • Install Pull-out Drawers
  • REVO 90
  • LeMans II
  • The Magic Corner

All five kitchen cabinet corner storage options are distinctive, yet they’re clever and resourceful.

1. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a fantastic choice for your kitchen’s corner cabinet storage. Well, when you install a lazy Susan in your corner kitchen cabinets, it will allow you to turn your shelves, giving you easy access to both front and back sides. These versatile devices come in almost every construction that you can think of, including circles, pie cuts or half-moons. You can install them to pull-out of your cabinet and rotate to effortlessly get at everything.

2. Install Pull-Out Drawers

The narrow space of your corner kitchen cabinet can be intelligently used by installing a pull-out drawer, which can be used for storing a complete set of your spice. These pull-out drawers utilise the blind corner space of the cabinet and use it in a new way by transforming the cabinet space to constructive drawer space. To achieve this, you’ll need to custom build the drawers to fit the cabinet space.

3. REVO 90 Kitchen Corner Cabinet:

It is an unfussy and a well-accepted option for kitchen corners. REVO 90 is an innovative corner solution wherein front panels turn with a rotary rotation, it’s just brilliant.

4. LeMans II Kitchen Corner Pull Out:

One of its kind solutions for corner unit that blends corner space utilisation with exceptional access. LeMans II trays pull out right in front of the cabinet at an 85° opening angle and merge optimal space utilisation for a clear overview and seamless action. Truly, LeMans kitchen corner pull-out offers a clever solution for utilising corner space resourcefully that’s aesthetically pleasing as well. Nonetheless, if you don’t prefer this design or it’s not working for your kitchen layout, don’t worry as there is yet another popular option for your kitchen corner, which is truly magical.

5. The Magic Kitchen Corner Pull-Out:

As the name suggests, it’s magical in every sense. The magic corner pull-out can accommodate two full cabinets next to each other in just one corner cabinet. Isn’t that incredible? Well, it’s not just utilising the corner, but utilising it to its maximum, optimally.

The Bottom Line

At times, a kitchen corner can throw up a complicated design challenge and possibilities may unfold wherein either space may go unused or you may mislay items in the far-back crevices. Getting rid of that wasted corner space (aka a blind corner) can optimise your storage and reduce the clutter.

If you have an unused kitchen cabinet corner then a properly designed corner cabinet will get rid of wasted space in your kitchen and make the best possible use of your existing storage space. Well, the choice is yours and you’re not restricted by just one option. You have the flexibility to choose from the different clever kitchen corner storage solution that perfectly fits your kitchen design, space and your storage requirements.

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