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Most computers have anti-virus protection installed, however, this does not mean that the computer is completely protected against all virus attacks. Because of the ever-changing nature of viruses, you'll often need to improve your antivirus software. Our team of anti-virus support experts will ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date and will not only ensure that your computer is free from viruses and malware, and will also ensure that your computer is secure. We provide the best technical support services in the field of anti-viruses. McAfee com/activate

Vulnerability increases with death. With each passing moment. The more you try to reach deep into the Internet; the more you will discover malicious entities entering your device. The problems are endless, but the solution is one for many, i.e. a powerful antivirus program on your device. There is no other way to protect your system against unwanted errors. It is also an ideal way to keep your body in the best condition. You can also use the advice of our technical team if you encounter any difficulties, or go to the official website:

McAfee releases a free tool that removes Pinkslipbot leftovers that use your computer as a proxy server

Last week, McAfee published a tool called AmIPinkC2, a Windows command line program that removes the remnants of Pinkslipbot infection files that allow malicious software to use previously infected computers as proxy drives, even if the original malware binary file has been cleaned and removed from servers that are infected.

He appeared in 2007 and is also tracked under three different titles, such as Qakbot, Qbot and PinkSlip.

Pinkslipbot is a dangerous and well-known threat Pinkslipbot is a well-known threat in the malware arena, mainly due to its special targeting. Its authors are not looking for ordinary users, but they are attacking North American companies, especially those from lucrative industry sectors such as business banking, financial institutions, treasury services and others.

The latest campaign was seen by IBM security researchers who noticed the Pinkslipbot variants that triggered Active Directory blockades on infected computers.
One of the companies that historically followed Pinkslipbot campaigns is McAfee. During last year's Hotmail Bulletin security conference, its researchers launched an investigation into the C&C Trojan server infrastructure and its own C&C communication method.
Last week, while searching current and past Pinkslipbot campaigns, scientists discovered new wrinkles in the Trojan's mode of operation.
Scientists say the Pinkslipbot authors are much smarter than they originally thought. Based on McAfee, in addition to disclosing user data, the banking Trojan also uses infected hosts as proxies to forward information from the central C&C server to other infected hosts in the mesh network.

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The new McAfee tool removes the last remnants of Pinkslipbot infection
According to McAfee, most security tools only remove the main malware binaries, limiting the Trojan's ability to collect passwords from infected hosts.
These Pinkslipbot removal procedures leave the full code that creates these proxy servers, which run via the Windows UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) service.
The new McAfee tool will eliminate these remaining documents and prevent Pinkslipbot from using users' PCs to pass C&C control or to hide that the filtering of stolen information through a proxy grid.

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