Albanian Language/Gjuhe Shqipe


I was wondering if there are any members interested in practicing Albanian.
Mos ka ndonje anetare qe do pelqen te prakitoje gjuhen shqipe?

Gjithe te mirat,

Seth, It isn't entirely clear to me whether you are seeking Albanians who wish to converse in Albanian, or non-Albanian students of the language. For several weeks I've been trying, without success, to find someone who might teach me Albanian. I have a self-tuition course with CD but would rather learn from an Albanian speaker. Would you be willing to take on an enthusiastic beginner or could you suggest someone who might? Jill Grey 

Hello Jill,

Sorry, I should have clarified. I already speak Albanian moderately well, having lived around the country for a few years (Librazhd, Cerrik, Gjirokaster, Thethi), but I'm getting a bit rusty. I was hoping to find someone to chat with for fun as opposed to formal lessons. I do know of a tutor, though I can't say what her rates would be for private lessons for a beginner. She teaches here in group settings as well:

Good luck,

Thanks, Seth, and apologies for a bit of wishful thinking! I'll get in touch with the person you suggest. There must be someone out there who might teach me the language ... or is that just a bit more wishful thinking?!


Hi Seth and Jill 
Today I was just looking at the AAA forum page and saw and read your conversation. Like your interest in learning Albanian language. I am a Albanian language teacher. @ Jill, I would be very happy to help you and teach you the language. My email add is ( Please contact me if you still want to learn our beautifl Albanian language. 

Gjithe te mirat 

Aida Haziri

Anglo-Albanian Association

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