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Please check out our new website. The plan is to move away from Groupspaces but at the moment we will continue to organise events and accept membership requests

A link to the new website can be found here

ACB Homebrew Festival 2019

Entries are open for the inaugural ACB Homebrew Festival to be held on the 15th of June 2019 in Wivenhoe, Essex.

A link to the competition website can be found here

Anglian Craft Brewers

Anglian Craft Brewers are a group of brewers both amateur and professional, based throughout East Anglia, England who share the following aims:

  • Further the development of Craft Brewing
  • Inform and educate its members
  • Provide mutual support and friendship
  • Help beginners to progress from kits to full mash brewing
  • Organise interesting and useful events
  • Recommend the best suppliers and most useful books
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2019 Meeting Schedule

Date Group Venue/Event Beer Challenge
Sat 12-Jan-19 Norfolk Coachmakers Arms, Norwich Any beer style but =<2.8% (equal to or less than)
Sat 02-Feb-19 Essex Victoria Inn Colchester Any beer style but =<2.8% (equal to or less than)
Sat 16-Feb-19 Cambridge Maypole, Cambridge Any beer style but =<2.8% (equal to or less than)
Sat 02-Mar-19 Suffolk TBD Any beer style but =<2.8% (equal to or less than)
Sat 06-Apr-19 Norfolk Coachmakers Arms, Norwich Any Mild under 6% ABV
Sat 04-May-19 Essex Chelmsford TBD Any Mild under 6% ABV
Sat 11-May-19 Cambridge Maypole, Cambridge Any Mild under 6% ABV
Sat 01-Jun-19 Suffolk TBD Any Mild under 6% ABV
Sat 13-Jul-19 Norfolk The John Innes Centre Altbeir 4.3% to 5.5%
Sat 03-Aug-19 Essex Colchester TBD Altbeir 4.3% to 5.5%
Sat 07-Sep-19 Suffolk TBD Altbeir 4.3% to 5.5%
Sat 21-Sep-19 Cambridge Maypole, Cambridge Altbeir 4.3% to 5.5%
Sat 05-Oct-19 Norfolk Coachmakers Arms, Norwich Clone Beer Challenge - Lacons Patriot
Sat 26-Oct-19 AGM Gladstone Arms, Stowmarket n/a
Sat 02-Nov-19 Essex Victoria Inn Colchester ACB Festival
Sat 16-Nov-19 Cambridge Maypole, Cambridge Clone Beer Challenge - Lacons Patriot
Sat 07-Dec-19 Suffolk TBD Clone Beer Challenge - Lacons Patriot

2019 Clone Beer Challenge

Sorry folks, another and hopefully final change back to Patriot.

Planning is continuing for the 2019 ACB Clone Beer Challenge. This will take place at Lacons Brewery in Great Yarmouth. The date of the visit is yet to be finalised but we are moving the visit to January 2020 - this will depend on the brewery. More on this soon.

I am in touch with Lacons and will work with Head Brewer Will to try to improve on the recipe details we received previously. Lacons have already stated that we cannot have their yeast so I have asked for suggested alternatives.

It was agreed at the meeting in Norwich in January that each region can arrange their own judging to determine which beers go forward for judging at the brewery. You will see the clone challenge in the regular monthly meeting schedule but this does not always work well due to the differing times between ACB first Saturday meeting and the brewery visit. Please liaise with your local regional chairperson on this point.

Unlike last year’s brewery visit, we will not be arranging a region wide minibus as the brewery is relatively easy to get to by public transport. I suggest we do however get collaborating when it comes to getting to and from the railway station in Great Yarmouth. Feel free to collaborate on sharing travel where appropriate though.

More details of the visit will appear here soon.

Links to other Homebrew clubs

Listed below are links (websites/facebook pages) to other Homebrew clubs around the country that you maybe interested in.
Send an email to the Managers of this group if you want to add another club to the list. (Us on Facebook) (Chelmsford & Mid Essex) (Norwich mid-week club) (London & SE) (Ipswich mid-week club)


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