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Making Performance Matter with the Assos S7 Bicycle Shorts

Posted by Thornton Thornton, Monday, December 1st, 2014 @ 5:31am

  • The S5 line of biking shorts for men is a thing of the past, but that does not mean it lacked a few great features that have become very significant in design and texture. Only recently has the S5 line been replaced by the S7, and it features a range of bib shorts for men that cover many costs and design options.

    Price Ranges and the S7 Line

    The Campionissimo is one of the most expensive products in the line-up. This item costs a rather hefty $519 in the retail market. But it is the highest grade biking shorts on the market, almost completely seamless for massive reductions in friction. The $200 or so bike pants line is the convenient grade. Lacking the high level quality design of the previous product, it is made up of a single piece of material. This does not mean it is inferior, boasting high compression and the chamois design that is so widely embraced. The Equipe items are about $270, and they are the sister products to the Neopro. Interestingly, the Equipe items are known for their reflective dye. In short, it reflects sunlight for a nice underrated coolant. It is one of those times where once a buyer has it, they won't ever go back.

    The Thick of It

    So many people are asking the bottom line- what makes the S7 Assos shorts a big leap forward, especially a leap that justifies a $200 or even $500 purchase? Designers will appreciate the processes that went into how perfectly shaped this line is. Without getting into the gritty details, it essentially comes from a new manufacturing for the fabric. The previous Assos cycling shorts consisted of a number of seam panels, and though this is still present in the design, the company managed to limit the number of panels for a superior fit. Specifically, the seams position the shorts for potential friction. So there is almost a level of artistry that goes into the quantity of seams. Too many can cause a lot of friction yet too few does not allow for that specificity in the contour.

    The Assos s7 is a collaborator with Contender Bicycles. The company’s products are top tier, and it only makes sense for the retail company and online store to conjoin with the best in the industry. This
    is a grand innovation in bicycling shorts, and male enthusiasts will be glad to know that big name retailers are addressing every day problems.


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