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AGRI Business 2015-16.pdfKristen Duever470.75Kb8th Dec 2015
MIDDLESEX Rural Guide 2015.pdfMember 1874f0d603.48Kb12th Aug 2015
2015 Amazing Grazing Sales kit - Cheron.pdfMember 1874f0d4.26Mb12th Aug 2015
Amazing Grazing Sponsorship Form.docMember 1874f0d223.5Kb12th Aug 2015
Business Plan AGRI Business 2015-16.docMember 1874f0d1.92Mb12th Aug 2015
Mission Statement.docxMember 1874f0d11.79Kb27th May 2015
event info booklet.pdfMember 1874f0d4.58Mb27th May 2015
1st meeting-May 22-15.docxMember 1874f0d77.41Kb27th May 2015
Agri Bus Agenda June 2015.docMember 1874f0d109Kb27th May 2015
Agri-Business Minutes -May 2015.docMember 1874f0d129.5Kb27th May 2015
Strat Plan 2015-2018.pptMember 1874f0d781.5Kb29th Apr 2015
Agri Bus Agenda april 2015.docMember 1874f0d109Kb31st Mar 2015
Agri-Business Minutes -March 2015.docMember 1874f0d126Kb31st Mar 2015
2015 Jan US FOOD GUIDEdocx.docxMember 1874f0d36.19Kb27th Mar 2015
Minutes_Feb. 10th 2015.docxMember 1874f0d76.9Kb24th Feb 2015
Minutes_Jan 9 2015.docxMember 1874f0d77.38Kb24th Feb 2015
July 24-14 meeting.docMember 1874f0d96Kb24th Feb 2015
Agri Bus Agenda march 2015.docMember 1874f0d108.5Kb24th Feb 2015
Agri-Business Minutes -feb 2015.docMember 1874f0d125.5Kb24th Feb 2015
Agri Bus Agenda january, 2015.docMember 1874f0d107.5Kb6th Jan 2015
Agri-Business Minutes - dec. 2014.docMember 1874f0d122Kb6th Jan 2015
Agri Bus Agenda november 11-2014.docMember 1874f0d107Kb3rd Nov 2014
Agri-Business Minutes - Oct. 2014.docMember 1874f0d119Kb3rd Nov 2014
Amazing Grazing flyer cards-pg1 copy.jpgMember 1874f0d454.45Kb3rd Nov 2014
Business Plan AGRI Business 2014 15.docMember 1874f0d2.3Mb10th Jul 2014
4th meeting-June 26-2014.docMember 1874f0d190.5Kb10th Jul 2014
Amazing Grazing Sponsorship Form.docMember 1874f0d223.5Kb10th Jul 2014
Agri-Business Minutes - May 13 2014.docMember 1874f0d113.5Kb2nd Jun 2014
Agriculture Sector Report-May 26.pdfMember 1874f0d2.62Mb27th May 2014
Business Plan AGRI Business 2013 14.docMember 1874f0d2.3Mb28th Apr 2014
Agri Bus Agenda May 13th-2014 (2).docMember 1874f0d107Kb28th Apr 2014
Agri-Business Minutes - Apr. 8-2014.docMember 1874f0d114.5Kb28th Apr 2014
Agri Bus Agenda April 8th-2014 (2).docMember 1874f0d106Kb28th Apr 2014
Agri Bus Agenda March.11th-2014 (2).docMember 1874f0d106.5Kb28th Apr 2014
Op ed on Food Processing 2014 for Biz London-revised.docMember 1874f0d27.5Kb4th Apr 2014
Agri-Business Minutes - Mar. 11-2014.docMember 1874f0d111.5Kb26th Mar 2014
Sparling-Cheney-food-manufacturing-performance-full-report-March-10.pdfMember 1874f0d3.11Mb13th Mar 2014
LFP article with Gerry.pdfMember 1874f0d639.54Kb10th Mar 2014
News Release re Minister Ritz.pdfMember 1874f0d104.23Kb25th Feb 2014
Metro News Article on Minister Ritz.pdfMember 1874f0d618.69Kb20th Feb 2014
LEDC Agri Food_Overview.docMember 1874f0d28Kb10th Feb 2014
local_food_guidebook (2).pdfMember 1874f0d854.67Kb10th Feb 2014
11_Revision_of_the_new_Competition_Bureau_guidelines.pdfMember 1874f0d64.3Kb10th Feb 2014
Local Food Fund.pdfMember 1874f0d62.97Kb10th Feb 2014
OES RELS-Agri-Food Summit_Huron County-March 26 2013_FINAL REPORT (3).pdfMember 1874f0d477.03Kb10th Feb 2014
3rd meeting-Jan.30-2014.docMember 1874f0d29Kb10th Feb 2014
2nd meeting-Jan.14-2014.docMember 1874f0d26Kb10th Feb 2014

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