• My first experience with a mature woman

My first experience with a mature woman

I was 23 years old and I was like most, a young man eager to know life, but since then married. The crazy idea of ​​making love with a woman who was older than me had always haunted my mind, Believing that this would give me more and better experience in sex. It was then that I set out to place a classified ad on a site for contacts, but the mischief that exists on this type of page made it difficult for me. I then set about reading the posts in the Women Looking for Men section for several weeks and responding to messages that suited my situation and  purpose . 

Married woman seeks discreet man to fulfill fantasy. It said the title. The publication said inside I am a woman in her forties who wants to experience what it is to be with another man who is not my husband, with a serious and respectful man. To which I replied: Good afternoon, I'm Luis, a 23-year-old married man. I have never had another experience in my life that has not been with my wife, I saw your ad and I have been interested, I hope to be able to contact her. I offer exactly what I ask, serious discretion and respect of my personal life, I just want to know what it is to be with another woman without that affecting my life and it is the same that I offer. 

After a few days and reviewing the site I found an answer from this woman who for the purposes of respect I will call R. Hello, good afternoon, it was a great surprise to receive your answer and I leave you a contact telephone number, you can call me between 9:00 am and 2: 00 pm ask about reading letters and I will know it's  you . 


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The next day I started to call her, we had long and interesting talks for the next few days and when she felt comfortable she asked me: Do you still want us to see each other? To which I replied: of course, at that moment I wonder how it is that you like women, and I replied that the physique for me is a determining factor that the talks we had let me see that she was an excellent woman. She replied immediately replied I am 45 years old Chinese black hair, I am tall with a lot of bust and quite a few fish markets. To which I replied. I like that I will have more of you to caress and love. And we agree on the place and date.  

A couple of days later I reached the bridge that I indicated, on the peripheral waiting anxiously and nervously for the green van in which she was to arrive. Wait and wait she took a little longer than anticipated, but finally bequeath. I approached the truck asked between anxious and fearful  Luis ?.  Yes. I replied, to which he replied with a smile go up. We went to his house a couple of minutes from where we were, he invited me to come to his house, he took me to the studio where he offered me and served me a cup of coffee. We chatted a bit to break the ice and undress from the pain and cravings, before stripping the rest of our facades of strangers. 

She is a plus-size woman, a beautiful, older, plus-size woman who, looking at her, made me take a deep breath, made my stomach turn and unleash lust with her gaze as she approached me, in that black one-piece dress. Black color with a light but elegant and flirtatious neckline. While he was saying I like you, you attract me, I want you to take me, I want you to make me feel like a woman ... 

She approached while I was sitting, raised my head and gave me a kiss on the lips, a delicate kiss on the lips that invited me to unleash my anxiety to possess her ... while we kissed my hands slipped under her dress, caressing her legs And as my breathing heaved, my hands traversed and played around the contours of her legs until they reached her hips over and over again until her gaze and breath invited me to her crotch ... my hands ran wildly in one frantic race her body while my right hand caressed her pelvis under the dress caressing her panties that left me feeling with the fingertips a delicate lace my left hand escaped between that delicate neckline to allow me to discover her delicate breasts ... those delicious and delicate breasts,like ripe and perfect fruits that were presented to me as a gift, discreet and willing sweets. 

Deslic é my hand inside a black bra with lace that jealously guarded such a majestic pair of perfect breasts, and delicately took them out so that I could admire them, I stopped a moment to observe them and caress them with the tips of my fingers to which she responded, kiss them please . I moved closer to her breasts breathing deeply the scent of her skin that was white and sweet as a pale reflection of morning light. Delicately kiss the tip of her nipples with a discreet and delicate kiss on each of those nipples like flower buds waiting for the heat of the sun on a summer afternoon. With small kisses, I drew the outline of her nipples while I saw how they perched hard and erect like flowers that wake up after the rain of a sunny day. To finish, licking her nipples insert them into my mouth and suck them one, 

My hand was already inside her panties and they caressed her delicious intimacy that she awoke with the mist of the morning, slowly moistening my hand that was playing seeking to reach the precious treasure of her awaited and awake sex that cried out for the inevitable encounter. 

I laid her on the desk, and caressing her legs I finished lifting the black dress that tried to hide from my sight your warm and ready vagina that screamed to feel inside ... kiss her legs until they reached her knees ... caress her thighs to open with kisses between the legs that refuge of my anxiety and my madness unleashed, and I saw myself standing there with her lying down intimately ready. Take a deep breath between her legs that delicious aroma that invited me to discover her full and complete humidity. Draw the outline with little kisses her vagina a few times and finish licking your skin that delicious n é CTARs that nac í to  her vagina.  

I started to get up slowly with my head between her legs kissing her crotches little by little until she reached her knees while she remained lying on the desk, until I was there right in front of her lying between her open legs in front of me and completely ready. .. take penis and press with the palm of my hand until you feel that tickle that ran through me, press my glans with the tips of my index finger and thumb and play with my pete in the contour of her wet vagina and ready to receive me inside she ... slide my penis until I touch the tip of her clitoris without penetrating it and I only inserted the tip of my penis while she returned drawing the length of her wet vagina and I retired a little come back firmly introducing my penis little by little inside her vagina while listening to a deep and muffled moan and a light hug from her legs squeezing my body as my penis entered inside if a  vagina that gradually let a little more moisture flow, getting me a little more wet ... 

Feeling her delicate and warm humidity I pressed my body against hers trying to go as deep inside her as possible as trying to lose myself in her flesh, in her smell, in her taste in her own existence and I stayed inside, still, immobile, peaceful as one who wants time to stop for a moment. Until a moan of his took me out of that little transe that was absorbing me ... take a deep breath and remove my penis a bit to slowly insert it back into it, repeating a couple of times until the cravings completely dominated me and I started to move little by little faster, going in and out of her, inhaling the air that had become warm in the room. 

Take your legs and rest them on my chest, crossing them over me and around my neck, your left ankle, over your left shoulder, and your right ankle over my right shoulder. And I penetrated her hard once more pressing her legs against my body. As he shoved me hard into the vagina that our excited and altered humanity allowed, I moved my hip so that my penis played inside her wet and delicious vagina. Repeating over and over and over, as she stifled the  moans  with her closed mouth. 

I proceeded to open her legs again without removing my penis from her vagina, the  pull  against my body hugging her legs with my arms ... and she let out a groan light and short -¡ ahhhhh !. 

I moved my penis inside her vagina a couple of times and slowly withdrew almost to the point that my penis slipped out of her wet vagina and lunged fast and hard with my penis hitting my pelvis against her buttocks ... over and over again ... and again until that little pause to remove the penis gradually disappeared until I had hit my body against his in a repeated and frantic movement full of desire, passion and lust that caused me to lose myself in his moans that little by little were clearer and louder. Body hitting her body hard and I trying to lunge harder and harder until the excitement, passion and lust reached their maximum expression and when she simply cried out to me it was inevitable, 

After a while, she told me that it was almost time, I got up, I dressed, while she accommodated that flirtatious black dress with that sober but visible neckline that invited me to caress her breasts and uncomfortable her bra as I supported her and pressed her against me Body.... 

She offered me a cup of coffee and I confess that I am late because when she got dressed, she looked at herself in the mirror and could only see an elderly woman, several kilos over, looking for something that not even she knew it was ... and he was about to not arrive, but later, he thought that the worst thing that could happen is that I left.  

I thanked her for attending, I kissed her and hugged her, and I told her that I wanted to see her again ... she accepted and we saw each other a few more times, until due to the things of life and work we lost touch. 

And I write this story, because I have seen a profile on  facebook  and I know it is her, I wrote to her a couple of days ago commenting. It reminded me of a person who was doing card reading several years ago, as he was interested in card reading. 

But I do not receive an answer, and I do not know whether to tell her that it is me that years ago we had the happiness to know each other and that even today, like more than 10 years ago, I would like to see her, that still moves something inside me like so many years ago ... 


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