Before embarking on the reason artificial grass is gaining much popularity in this era, we have to understand the fact that artificial grass comprises of fibres strung into a backing, which allows water to pass through. The support is laid on a drainage layer, fastened along the perimeter, which is usually a compacted layer. At that point some grasses need to be loaded with sand in order to prevent the turffrom blowing away in a firm breeze. However, there are now many varieties which do not require any sand weighting as they are generally fixed down to a timber frame around the perimeter of the lawn.

Here are some reasons grass is gaining much popularity:

Improvement in Quality

Back in the 1980s, artificial grass didn’t quite live up to expectations and sales peaked then slumped due to general disappointment in durability and realism. Also, it turnedout to be more popular with the sporting scene than with domestic customers;but before long competitors started to notice issues with its durability. For residential use, in the interim, it simply didn't look sufficiently realistic.

Things are distinctly different nowadays, and this is the reason fake grass is coming back into vogue with quite a bang. For athletes, modern day artificial grass reflects the genuine article as well as having a number of different advantages. Domestically, where looks are most vital, it isnot so easy to recognise the most recent fake grasses from a natural lawn. Property owners can even select whether they need grass that looks as though it has had a bit of growing time orgrass with a very freshlycut look. This has all lead to a big increase in the popularity of artificial grass, or astro turf as it’s often known. Artificial grass sales are up on last year and it’s only April. The public are seeing the benefits of having a mow-free and low maintenance lawn which can be walked on 365 days a year without getting muddy footwear (or paws!).

Great for Landlords

Artificial grass is a very great idea for landlords because landlordswant their properties to look attractive and well cared for when trying to re-let. Having rich grass is exceptionally alluring most especially for busy working families, or people with young children. Even in a small town house garden, astro turf can turn a rather dull-looking back yard into an area of permanent green colour and freshness.Fake grass is always green all year, which reduces the responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord (or his agent) don’t need to keep pestering the tenants to cut the lawn! Artificial grass is something landlords love to consider because of the easy maintenance and permanently smart appearance. It seems to almost add value to the property. And it needs no watering in summer, of course. So if the landlord is paying the water bill, that’s even more good news!

We’re Talking Low Maintenance Lawn Care

Lawns are in regular (if not permanent) need of care, which includes cutting, weeding, fertilizing and (in drought)watering.Lawn care can be costly and tedious; it’s also time-consuming. Many of us would rather do other things than weekly lawn mowing chores. With busy lifestyles, most of us struggle to keep a lawn in tip-top healthy condition. The ultimate solution for a lot of people is to go for a fake grass. Fake grass doesn’t needto be cut or weeded;the time that would regularly be spent on lawn work can basically be used in taking care of the rest of the garden, and by surrounding the grass with lovely trees and flowers you can create a really befitting and attractivegarden feel.

No Weed Maintenance

There is no need for weeding when it comes to artificial grass. By using a weed suppressant (membrane layer) under the grass layer, there is no requirement for weeding. Weeds do not have the ability to go through the protective boundary. The grass won't require feeding or watering and will definitely not change its colouras a result of sunlight: all good astro turf nowadays is guaranteed colour-fast for 10+ years. Its soft texture and clean surface make it ideal for kids to play. The materials used are safe and non-poisonous (most artificial grass is made of polypropylene), so one doesn’t need to worry about pets and children.

It Gives You Some Time for Relaxation

Having installed your fake grass, you'll be amazed at the amount of time you have do the things you adore. You can even sell your lawn mower straight away: you won't require it any more.You will also find you save cash on fertilizers, weed control, pesticides,seeding and lawn mower maintenance and repair.

Kid Friendly

Artificial grass gives a great spot to children to play different types of outdoor games, like footballor soccer without the worry of themmessing up the lawn.

This article on artificial grass was written and supplied by Robert Heather for Touch of Grass Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of artificial grasses, synthetic lawns and astro turf. Why not order some free samples today?


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