Southern Oregon Area Local Meetings

Due to the Covid-19 social distancing and orders limiting group meetings, the SOAL will be conducting monthly meetings online using the Microsoft Teams Web Conferencing Meeting Platform. It is similar to using Zoom, but also has online cloud sharing applications that allow participants to view documents on the screen with other remote viewers.

We did try having a few meetings in 2020 at the Co-Work Collective during the Covid-19 restrictions, which was difficult. Changes will be updated as each month's meeting is planned. More information is available in the Events tab of the website.

Prior to 2020, we had been having our local's General Membership Meetings at the Round Table Pizza restaurant in Medford for several years. Unfortunately, they are not permitting meetings at this time. When we did have the meetings there, we reserved the private party room and members and their families were invited to the meeting. Hopefully soon, we may be able to return to in person meetings again.

The local also had a Postal Pulse drawing each quarter. We will try to revamp the drawing again soon if we can do so remotely using the web conferencing meeting platform. Go ahead and continue to turn your Postal Pulse survey forms into a steward and meet us online through the Microsoft Teams meeting! Once we get it restarted, the drawing works like this: If your name is drawn you win $100 if you are present at the meeting. If your not present, you still win $50.

The meetings usually last about 1 to 2 hours.


2021 SOAL General Membership Meeting Schedule

By Administrator on December 11th, 2020

Scheduled Meetings for 2021:

January 10th
February 21st
March 21st
April 18th
May 16th
June 13th
July 18th
August 15th
September 19th
October 17th
November 21st
December 19th

New Local President and Vice President

By Administrator on November 16th, 2020

At Sunday's General Membership meeting held on November 15th, Local Union President Craig Gordon formally announced that previous President, Jeremy Schilling had stepped down as the Soauthern Oregon Area Local President. As Vice President of the Local, Craig succeeded the position for the remainder of the unexpired term, and at the same meeting, Robert Rodriguez was appointed and confirmed by the Exectutive Board members as the new Local Vice President.

Welcome Grants Pass to the Southern Oregon Area Local

By Administrator on September 20th, 2020

Grants Pass became a part of the Southern Oregon Area Local around September 7th of this year. There are a dozen APWU members in Grants Pass that are now a part of the SOAL family.

There is a need for one or more initiative driven members to step up to represent the Clerks and Maintenance employees as their shop steward. Please get in touch with Local President Jeremy Schilling or Vice President Craig Gordon if you are interested. Our seasoned stewards are very supportive in providing help and suggestions as a new steward becomes more familiar with the grievance process.

How to Read Your Pay Stub

By Administrator on July 21st, 2020


Your pay location code indicates where you are assigned to work, sometimes the last two digits of your work location ZIP Code.

Finance number for the facility that you work in.

Your name.

Your 8-digit employee ID number, instituted in pay period 14 of 2003, replaces the employee Social Security number previously used, to help strengthen privacy concerns.

This is the pay period and year in which you receive the payments (PP-YR or 01-00). Each calendar year is separated by twenty six (26) pay periods of two (2) weeks each.

This is either the serial number of the check issued to the employee or the sequence number of the "Form 1223" earnings issued when the employee's net pay has been directly deposited to the financial institution of their choice.

This is the general heading for all of the columns which identify the type and number of hours you are being compensated for, the week in which those hours occurred, the rate schedule and level, the designation/activity code, and the gross payment amount for the period.


WK --This specifies the week, either 1 or 2, of the pay period in which the hours were worked. If an adjustment is being made, the week that the adjustment is made for will be printed on that line.


RSC --This is the Rate Schedule Code for the hours stated. This code will be the same as on your time card.


LEV --This is the Grade Level for the hours stated.


RATE --This the Base rate (annual or hourly), including the cost-of-living allowance (COLA) for the hours stated.


CODE --This is the employee's Designation/Activity code. For clerks, the code would be 110.


TYP --This is the Type of Hours code. Codes include:


G -- Guaranteed time or guaranteed overtime hours


H -- Holiday work hours


L -- Leave hours (either paid leave or leave without pay)


N -- Night differential hours (for hours worked between 6:00 PM & 6:00 AM)


O -- Overtime hours


V -- Penalty overtime hours


P -- Out-of-Schedule Premium


S -- Sunday Premium


W -- Straight work hours


HOURS --This space will show the actual hours and hundredths worked for every hours type listed.


PAY --This space will show the total gross pay for each type of hours worked.

This is the general heading for the two columns which show the total gross pay, all deductions, and the resulting net pay for the current pay period and the pay year-to-date.


GROSS PAY --This is the gross pay for this pay period and the year-to-date, including COLA.


FED TAX --This is the amount deducted for federal tax this period and year-to-date. Your claimed marital status and number of exemptions will appear next to FED TAX. M2 would mean married with two exemptions. S0 would mean single with no exemptions.


ST TAX --This is the amount deducted for state tax this period and year-to-date. Again, your claimed marital status and number of exemptions for the state will appear next to ST TAX. PAO1 would indicate the taxes were withheld to the State of Pennsylvania for a person married claiming one exemption.


RETIRE --This is the amount deducted toward your retirement account for the pay period and the year-to-date.


FICA/MED --This is the amount of FICA or Medicare deductions for this period and year-to date. If you were hired after 1984, your retirement contribution will be smaller and FICA/MED will be higher.


UN W --Union Dues.


IN --Indicates your life insurance choice.


ALOT --Indicates an authorized payroll deduction from your salary that is deducted each pay period for deposit to a financial institution-- for example, a set amount directed toward a savings account.


C SUP or CS/SS --This indicates child support or alimony payments.


GARN --This appears if you have a commercial garnishment levied against you.


HP --Followed by three (3) letters or numbers would show your health benefit plan enrollment code.


LEVY --Show a deduction has been made for some sort of outstanding taxes.


TSP --This indicates a withholding for the Thrift Savings Plan. If you participate in the plan, you will see either the percentage of withholdings or the dollar amount after the letter code.


NET PAY --This is what is left when all is said and done. Enjoy it!


This is the general heading identifying your usage and balance of Annual and Sick leave, and Leave Without Pay for the pay period and year.


FROM PREV YR --This is the number of hours carried over from the previous year.


EARNED-THIS YR --This is the number of hours earned to date this leave year.


EARNED-BAL --This is the number of hours carried over from last year plus the hours earned this year.


USED THIS YR --This is the total hours of annual leave used this year to date.


USED THIS PP --This is the total hours of annual leave used in this pay period (including adjustments).


BALANCE --This is the total annual leave available to you now.



FROM PREV YR --This is the number of hours carried over from last year.


EARNED THIS YR --This is the number of hours of sick leave accumulated this year.


USED THIS YR --This is the total sick leave used to date this year.


USED THIS PP --This is the total sick leave used this pay period (including adjustments).


BALANCE --This is the total sick leave available to you now.



THIS PP --This is the total hours of LWOP used this pay period.


CUMULATIVE --This is the total LWOP hours accumulated this year. If you accumulate eighty (80) hours of LWOP within a year, your leave credits will be reduced by the amount of leave earned in one (1) pay period.


This is the total amount contributed to the retirement fund as of the close of the prior calendar year.

Other important codes are:

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a Federal Statute of general application that establishes requirements for child labor, minimum wages, equal pay, and overtime pay. FLSA work hours and FLSA overtime pay is printed on the Form 1223 whenever work hours for one or both weeks of the pay period exceeds forty (40) hours for nonexempt employees.

Shows that an adjustment for a specific pay period and year was processed.

Shows the garnishment balance as zero (0).

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

Shows that adjustments for multiple pay periods were processed.

Self Explanatory

Shows this is a special check and Form 1223 for retroactive payment.

Shows that retroactive payment amounts have been added to the year-to-date totals.

Shows that a cost-of-living increase has been added to the base salary effective with the pay period shown at the top of your stub.

Shows that it is now reflected in the base salary.

An adjustment for a cancelled check was processed that updated the year-to-date earnings balance, affecting only the year-to-date fields.

An adjustment for a back pay award was processed, affecting only the year-to-date fields.

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