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The Amiga Group in Northeastern America (AGNEA) is for all Amigans, in particular those living on Northeastern America (Ontario, Québec, New York State…)

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News & Announcements

AmiModRadio v0.9993

Posted by Tygre, Sunday, 6th January 2019 @ 5:05pm

  • Hi all!

    I just released a new version of AmiModRadio on time for the new semester!

    You can take it from here, here, or here.

    This new version features many bug fixes (and cleanup) and improvements: #27 (AmigaGuide and help), #30 (compatibility with AmigaOS v4), #40 (AmiAutoUpdater), #62 (better messages), #86 (faster response times), and #94 and #95 (bug fixes). It also include localisations in English and French with the German catalog in progress .

    (In particular, I fixed AmigaSystem's most hated bug .)

    As usual, bug reports are always welcome here!


News of September/October 2018 (Part II)

Posted by Tygre, Saturday, 24th November 2018 @ 12:28am

  • Written by David Brunet from Obligement - October 2018
    Translated by Tygre - November 2018

    AmigaOS 4.2?

    Trevor Dickinson replied to a question about AmigaOS 4.2 at the AmiWest 2018 show. Here's his answer:

    I cannot speak for Hyperion What is AmigaOS 4.2? It's a number, I think the problem is that Ben Hermans somehow created this dilemma when, in 2010, he declared that AmigaOS 4.2 would integrate this, that, and other things. It was already 8 years ago. And so, 8 years later, there is no AmigaOS 4.2. It has not been released because of a number of reasons. But that has changed, the whole dynamics has changed since then. AmigaOS 4.2 was supposed to be Gallium. But the development of Gallium is for the moment stopped and Warp3D Nova replaces it in practice. Symmetric multiprocessor management was supposed to be handled by AmigaOS 4.2 and I think that's where the next developments will go, towards ExecSG, and I can talk about it because I'm involved in ExecSG. That's where we're going to focus, and I think we're going to try to build a team to make it happen faster. As for the rest of AmigaOS 4.2, I can not really comment because I'm not the spokesperson for Hyperion and I do not know what their plans are.

    AmigaOS 3.1.4 Sales by Country

    Hyperion Entertainment published in October a graphic showing AmigaOS 3.1.4 sales by country. Germany is leading the way with 26% of sales, followed by the United States (13%) and the United Kingdom (12%), which are the only other countries to exceed the 10% mark. Then arrive Sweden (5%), France (5%), Poland (4%), the Netherlands (4%), Finland (3%), Australia (3%), Spain (3%), Italy (3%), Canada (3%), Norway (3%), Denmark (2%), Belgium (2%), Switzerland (2%) and Austria (2%). Other countries collect the remaining 6%.

    Mini Legión

    Mini Legión is an action game developed by José Gonzáles. You play a legionnaire who must carry out a series of missions in the desert, including rescuing hostages. Mini Legión was created with the game editor Backbone and Deluxe Paint 5 for the graphics (resolution of 320x256 in 16 colors). It works on an Amiga 500 but the developer recommends an Amiga 1200 to avoid slowdowns [].

    DizzyTorrent v2.0

    On October 19, 2018, David Zvekic released version 2.0 of DizzyTorrent, his BitTorrent client for Amiga Classic. This version 2.0 is now shareware, integrates a MUI interface (version 3.9+), allows multiple Torrents concurrently through a single instance of the program, manages download priorities, improves performance, and projects can be loaded/saved [Aminet]

    AmiKit Loves AmigaOS v3.1.4

    AmiKit, the Amiga software distribution created by Jan Zahurancik, also welcomes AmigaOS 3.1.4. Its version 10.5.1 of October 2018 makes it possible to use the latest operating systems for Amiga Classic. Its installation is also facilitated: just launch the tool MorpheuZ and click on the option "OS Update", the ROM v3.1.4 is not necessary. Among the other new features of AmiKit, there are the addition of RAWBinfo for managing icon information (for AmigaOS 3.5/3.9), adding the button "Go to parent directory", which allows to display the list of peripherals, the improvement of starting time, and the operation of the LimpidClock clock on AmigaOS v3.1. This update is done via the LiveUpdate option []

    KA02, PCMCIA at Its Best

    The company RastPort has designed a new product for Amiga 1200. This is KA02, a 90-degree external PCMCIA adapter, useful for saving space on your desk. PCMCIA cards can always be (dis)connected live. Available in white or black. Price: about 30 euros []

    Re-Amiga 1200 v1.2

    John Hertell indicated that his Re-Amiga 1200 project, which aims to replicate the board of the A1200 revision 1D.4, had two mistakes. One of them is very serious: if you add an Amiga 500 power supply, there is a risk of short circuit! He explains this on his Web site and updated to version 1.2 the documents necessary for the design of a Re-Amiga 1200 board. This new version also offers the possibility to place two different Kickstarts in a PROM and switch from one to another.


    A first version of the remake of Scout, named ScoutNG, was published in early October by Jacek Piszczek. This is a native MorphOS version. ScoutNG is a system monitoring tool. It is more modern than its ancestor (which was mostly intended for AmigaOS v3.1) but is, for the moment, less provided in options. The developer plans to create a tool capable of visualizing the bowels of Exec, Intuition, and DOS, as well as the ability to display certain system lists in context (processes/tasks/windows as tree) [MorphZone]

    Nice Keys for Your Amiga Classic

    Brian Robotham is working on a project to replace the keys of the Amiga 500, 600, and 1200 by new, more modern keys from a Cherry MX keyboard. He created boards for (A500/A1200 and A600), to be installed under the keyboard of these Amiga and on which new keys can to be placed. Versions for other Amiga could happen, as could the addition of back lights. Brian Robotham does not want to sell his boards, interested people should rather turn to the Amiga On The Lake reseller who handles preorders since October 2018. The full keyboard (with board, switch, keys, screws, etc.) is currently on preorder for $189.95 for the A1200 version and $199.95 for the A500 version []


    AppLauncher is a tool for MorphOS, in the form of a title-bar module, simplifying the launch of applications, whether from Ambient or from any public screen. It is the work of Thomas Igracki who has produced multiple versions during the months of September and October 2018. In particular, a menu editor was added in version 2.0. Later versions 2.1 and 2.2 focused on bug fixes [Aminet]

    Moving On

    Dennis Lohr, known as Psyria, recorded a new album called Moving On. As with his previous albums, this one was created on Amiga. Moving On is available since October 5th in digital version (on Spotify and iTunes) and since October 19 on CD. The tracks are:

    • 1. Intro 1:35
    • 2. Euphoria 5:05
    • 3. Atlantis 4:50
    • 4. Dark Heart 4:10
    • 5. I Miss You 4:38
    • 6. Feel Alright 3:50
    • 7. You Do 4:23
    • 8. Running 3:51
    • 9. You're Ready 3:33
    • 10. Out of Your Love 3:47
    • 11. Oldschool Babe 3:26
    • 12. Once in a Life 2:59
    • 13. Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow 4:34
    • 14. Everlasting 4:06


    The Installer tool created by Commodore in the 1990s helped standardize the installation process on AmigaOS v2.1 and above. However, this tool had some bugs and limitations and several attempted to recreate a standard installation tool. Today, it is Ola Söder who attempts it with InstallerLG, which alpha versions were released in September and October 2018. This reimplementation of Installer aim to be fully compatible with the original tool. But most of the limitations of the Commodore tool have disappeared and the GUI has been replaced by one in MUI/Zune. InstallerLG is available on AROS and MorphOS. Its code in C is available on [Aminet]

    Yet Another Platformer

    After Solid Gold, the Frank and Gerrit Wille brothers offer us Trap Runner, a new platformer for any Amiga Classic with 1Mb of memory. The game spreads over five worlds, split into four levels, with bonus levels and hidden levels. Your character can activate special powers by collecting magic potions and other bonuses. This game, which was presented at the rally demo Function in Budapest last September, is free but the authors think of making a commercial collector version, if there is enough interest []

    George Stibitz's Amiga Art

    George Stibitz is a computer pioneer, born in 1904, who worked at Bells Labs in 1930. He was one of the fathers of the first digital computers. An interesting anecdote is that, toward the end of his life, he began to draw on computer and not just any, it was on Amiga. His infographics, created on an Amiga, were donated by his daughter to the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Denison (Ohio, USA). They are visible on this site.

    This is what he wrote to the chairman of the UofD Computer Science Department in 1990:

    "I have turned to non-verbal uses of the computer, and have made a display of computer "art". The quotes are obligatory, for the result of my efforts is not to create important art but to show that this activity is fun, much as the creation of computers was fifty years ago".

    Three More Free Games at Amiga Future

    Three additional games have been added for free download on the Amiga Future Web site. It is Galleons (Shadow Software shareware game, 1991), Magic Forest 2 (Shadow Software commcercial game, 1991), and The Attack Of The Smelly Green Aliens From Planet 27b/6 (game distributed on a floppy-disk magazine and developed by Alex May, 1991). All these games are OCS []

    Arana USB Joystick Adapter

    The Spanish designer Eduardo Luis Arana has designed an adapter to connect DB9 controllers (Commodore, Amiga, Atari, Amstrad...) on a USB port on modern devices. The installation of the adapter is simple because it is detected automatically by the system on which it is installed and is recognized immediately. Price: 15 euros [].

    Increase Your Chip

    Individual Computers markets ACE2 (Amiga Chipram Extender 2Mb), a 2Mb expansion of Chip memory for the Amiga 500, 1500, 2000, 2500, and CDTV. This small card goes on the socket of the Fat Agnus chip. It works without jumper or solder. It is the card of this kind that is easiest to install, according to the manufacturer. The 2Mb of memory are already present on the card, so the original Chip memory of the Amiga is disabled. ACE2 features an Agnus ECS chip that is compatible PAL and NTSC. Price: 139.92 euros (which should increase according to sales, up to 169.92 euros) [].

    Source code of iGame and the MUI PCD class

    In an altruistic gesture, Carsten Siegner posted on Aminet the source code of its MUI PCD class. This allows you to view images in Photo-CD format. The developer hopes that his class can be ported to AROS, AmigaOS 3, and AmigaOS 4.

    The iGame authors, the WHDLoad game launch interface for AmigaOS, also released the source code of their program. It's available in a GitHub repository. A first public beta version of this new version has been made available in the meantime. The number of version has changed to v2.0 and includes the following changes:

    • A new user interface.
    • A new settings window.
    • New configuration options and ability to read/write lists of catalogued games.
    • Improved error handling and navigation from the keyboard.
    • Localisation added.
    • Ability to compile versions for AmigaOS 4 and an improved compilation for MorphOS.

    Iris Beta 38 to 41

    Jacek Piszczek continues the development of Iris, a MorphOS native email client. Beta versions 38 to 41 were released in the past two months. Advances focus on the graphical interface, optimizations, new icons, and the ability to move messages in an IMAP account from on folder to another [].

    Matthias' Hardware

    On October 13, Matthias Münch released as open source documents related to his hardware developments (Gerber files, instructions...), including Clockport Expander, Gayle Adapter, the A1000-Kickstart adapter, and the A3000 SIMM adapter [].

    The Die Is Cast

    Raffeli is a simple MUI program for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, and MorphOS, created with Hollywood. It is intended to draw lots and is useful for anything that requires random results from custom lists. It can also shuffles lists in random orders. Its author is JPV. Here are some features:

    • One or more winners at each turn.
    • Different pictures depending on the final result of the draw.
    • Sound effects.
    • Text files to define the lists of entries.
    • Export of entry lists and results as text files.
    • Sorting of the list of entries according to the results.
    • Mixing of the list of entries in random order.

    Word Reader

    MS Tools is a tool created by Carsten Siegner for MorphOS to display Microsoft Word binary files. It can handle text, lists, images (BMP, PNG, and JPEG), Excel spreadsheets, headers, footers, footnotes, and document properties [].

    Amiga Sauce to Linux

    Workbench OS is a Linux distribution provided by John Petrella and Adriano Morselli that is inspired by the Amiga. The graphic themes and the icon set have been adapted to look like various versions of the Workbench. In addition, the FS-UAE emulator is preinstalled (without Kickstart ROM). The project does not seem finished [].

    All-in-One Boards for the Amiga 500

    Polish designers Szymon Paprocki and Andrzej Rogozynski of CS-Lab are working on two multifunction cards for the Amiga 500: the CS530 and CS540. These cards can be equipped with a 68030, 68040, or 68060 processor. They also include other chips with various functions like:

    • SDRAM or DDR memory as Fast memory (controlled by an Spartan6 FPGA controller).
    • A port for CompactFlash memory cards.
    • A port for MicroSD memory cards.
    • An IDE port (40 pins).
    • An ARM ST32H7 Microcontroller at 400 MHz.
    • A NAU8822AYG-based audio card with MP3 decoder and an AHI implementation.
    • A USB port.
    • A Universal EXTension (UEXT) connector.
    • Wi-Fi module ESP 32 WROOM.
    • A 12-bit stereo sampler.
    • A hardware MPEG video decoder.
    • An HDMI video port.

    Prototypes already exist. You can see a video of one of these cards on YouTube.

    Enhancer Software Graphics Upgrade

    On October 25, 2018, ten days after its presentation at AmiWest, A-EON Technology announced the immediate availability of Enhancer Software Graphics Upgrade. This set of graphic drivers, developed by Hans De Ruiter for AmigaOS 4, offers two improvements: handling of more than 256Mb of graphics memory (with the Southern Islands boards via Warp3D Nova and the Warp3D "Classic") and handling of the Polaris graphics chip in 2D and 3D (with Radeon RX cards only).

    Enhancer Software Graphics Upgrade includes the RadeonHD 3.6, RadeonRX 1.11, and Warp3D Nova 3D drivers for Radeon RX. Enhancer Software version 1.x is required. The RadeonHD 3.6 driver works with Southern Island cards or the Oland chip on AmigaOne A1222, X1000, X5000, Sam460ex, and Sam440ep computers (with PCI->PCI-E adapter). The RadeonRX driver works with a Radeon RX 460/470/480/540/550/560(D)/570/580 on AmigaOne computers A1222, X5000, and Sam460ex (although for the latter, there is no display output on U-Boot). Other computers need an update of their firmware to enjoy RadeonRX. This upgrade is available on AMIStore.

    David Pleasance's Book is Available

    Commodore - The Inside Story, written by David Pleasance, former Managing Director of Commodore UK, and funded through Kickstarter, was available since September 17, 2018. After some delays (initial release scheduled was November 2017), this book is finally on sale, for example at AmigaKit for £29.99.

    In "Commodore - The Inside Story", David Pleasance talks about his personal story and experience within the company during twelve years. There are also points of view from other directors, engineers, suppliers, and fans of this former giant of consumer computing.

    A reminder of David Pleasance's career at Commodore:

    • From June 1983 to 1990: Commercial Director of Commodore UK.
    • From 1990 to January 1992: General Manager in Basel (Switzerland) at Commodore Electronics Ltd. In charge of 37 countries.
    • January 1992 to December 1992: Vice President of Consumer Products at Commodore Inc. (US sales company).
    • From January 1993 to August 30, 1995: General Manager of Commodore UK.

    Vivid Image Games at Amigaland

    Since October 28, the Web site Amigaland offers free games for download from the publisher Vivid Image. They include The First Samurai (OCS), Second Samurai (OCS and AGA), Time Machine (OCS), Street Racer (AGA), and Hammerfist (OCS) [].

    Amishion Impossible

    Eric Hogan and his team released a new first-person shooter for Amiga AGA. its name is Amishion Impossible, in which you are an Amish who must fight technological devices. Adapted from a 2014 game made during the 7FPS Jam meet, Amishion Impossible has been reprogrammed from scratch for the Amiga. Its game engine is quite limited, there are no walls or textures on the floor, but it can run on a CD32 or a basic A1200 [].

    Stratagus for WarpOS

    The game engine Stratagus, version 2.1, was ported to WarpOS by Wrangler. This open-source engine can run strategy games, such as Invasion Battle of Survival, WarCraft 2, and Astroseries. The archive includes Invasion Battle of Survival and the Wartool tool, useful for extracting Warcraft 2 data from its MS-DOS version. System requirements: AmigaOS v3.x, WarpOS, PowerPC card, file system managing long names (SFS for example) [Aminet].

    Development of Ignition

    The sixth beta version of the Ignition spreadsheet for AmigaOS 4 is under development. Its author, Axel Dörfler, posted on the list of improvements in this version which release date is still unknown:

    • Implementation of the "Qroot" function.
    • Mouse wheel management (thanks to Tony Wyatt), also in the horizontal direction.
    • "Create a string" function.
    • Bug fixes (block copy, log10() and ln() functions...).
    • The anzahl() command can handle names now.
    • Deleting problems with the "Cancel" function in input mode.

    Prototype of Vampire v3

    An accelerator card Vampire v3 for Amiga 600 was shown at the μAlchemy rally in late October. Here is its presentation by Jérôme Marchal of Amiga France:
    This card was presented to the public during the μAlchimie that took place last weekend. It is an intermediate card offering nearly twice as many logical gates in its FPGA as the v2 but is less efficient than the v4. We can therefore imagine that it would allow a hardware FPU in addition to the AGA, where a v2 seems a little cramped. It also integrates an IDE port as its counterpart for Amiga 500, advantageously replacing the internal port of the Amiga 600. An extension port, possibly for an Ethernet connection, is also available.

    This board is a prototype. It is part of the prototypes on which the Apollo team works but is not for the moment to be considered as an announcement of a board to come. Interesting project nevertheless, which would allow a range of board integrating all the possibilities of the complete core but with two levels of price and distinct performance.

    Super Mario War on AROS

    Super Mario War is a platformer developed by Florian Hufsky and his team. It is inspired by the graphics and sounds of Super Mario World, published by Nintendo. A version for AmigaOS 4 was already releases, this platformer comes now on AROS x86 [AROS Archives].

    New X-Surf

    Individual Computers announced on October 19th the preorders for its card X-Surf 500. This 100Mb network card is for the Amiga 500 and the ACA500 accelerator card. It includes also a license for the AmiTCP TCP/IP stack as well as a graphical interface and a DHCP driver. Price: 79,98 euros [].

    Panther Mini

    Panther Mini is a small CF-IDE/IDE adapter that plugs into the 44-pin IDE port on Amiga motherboards. It was designed by Arananet specifically for the Vampire v4 and Vampire 500. Price: 17 euros [].

    New Address for AROS-Exec

    The owner of the domain name was unreachable for a few weeks. This absence forced the administrators of this portal dedicated to AROS to change address: They took advantage to migrate the forum to a new engine, users are invited to re-register. The old forum is read-only at

A Brief and Cheap Comparison of 68060 and Vampire

Posted by Tygre, Tuesday, 20th November 2018 @ 11:16pm

  • Hi all!

    Here is a brief and cheap comparison of an Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard 1260 and an Amiga 600 with a Vampire. I just used SysInfo v4.0 to produce some numbers and compare... It seems that the Vampire is a bit less than twice as fast as the Blizzard in term of Dhrystones!

    More detailed comparisons are needed though!


    Amiga 1200 Blizzard 1260

    Amiga 600 Vampire

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