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  • How To Save Money Through Plumbing Fixtures

How To Save Money Through Plumbing Fixtures

An average American utilizes 100 gallons water per day!

Many people undergo water rationing and thus they well know about how valuable water is. One of the best ways to decrease our water usage is by getting high-efficiency, cost effective local plumbing in glendale fixtures installed in your house.

Installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and practicing great conservation habits will advantage our house and our whole community. Upgrading plumbing in our house to be more proficient can save us lots of money on our bill and the costs of heating water. The water-efficient plumbing can also help reduce the total amount of energy required to treat as well as deliver water.

When decreasing your utility bills is considered, do not neglect your own water consumption. Most attention around conservation inside the home is mainly focused on energy efficacy, but there still is space to find out savings in the plumbing system too. Have a look at some plumbing fixtures to easily save both money and water in your home.

Water-Saving, High-efficiency Plumbing Fixtures

Toilets - They are generally the source of most of the water usage and water waste in a house. If you’ve a can which uses over 1.6 gallons water per flush - as do nearly all toilets installed prior to 1994 – then replace it with a new one, like:

  1. Ultra-low-flush or High-efficiency toilet model which utilizes 1.28 gpf

  2. Dual-flush toilet which offers 2 flush options: low-flush button there for liquid wastes and high-flush button there for solid waste. Such plumbing fixtures allow us to save more water while flushing liquid waste only.

  3. Composting toilet, which is the most superior toilet that uses no to little water for flushing.

WaterSense Plumbing Fixture

High-efficiency or low flow fixtures have been there on market for quite some time. Moreover, there are some ultra-low-flow plumbing fixtures that save more water without even compromising on performance. The ultra-low-flow installation tends to be up to 20 percent more water-competent than standard fixtures, and the WaterSense products have been established to perform as outstanding, or better than other plumbing products.

The WaterSense program labels highly water-efficient, ultra-low-flow fixtures that individually have been tested as well as certified to meet performance and efficiency standards. When installing high-efficiency fixtures are considered, it is vital to contact your plumbers regarding the applicable thresholds, and the installation needs.

Shower-heads - If you’ve an inefficient or old showerhead, replace it right away with a ultra-low-flow or high efficiency showerhead which uses not more than 2 gpm. These showerheads save you money on both energy and water, by decreasing the use of water heaters. And we also can conserve 300-KW hours of electricity yearly, enough to power a television for an entire year.

Faucets - Decrease water usage by installing a high-efficiency faucet valve that has flow rate of 1.5 gpm. You can also add a flow restrictor or water-saving aerator to the current faucets.

The faucets use same water amount as showers, but we utilize faucets lesser than shower, or for shorter time.

However, how frequently do we leave the faucets running with some hot water (let us say we wish to defrost something quickly)?

Probably quite frequently. High-efficiency faucets utilize 1.5 gallons water per minute, and this not just save on our water consumption, but like the showerheads, this will also decrease the toll on hot water heater.

In case replacing costly faucet parts is not in your budget, then you also can add flow restrictor or water-saving aerator to your faucets that will save money and decrease your carbon footprint.

As far as saving money, energy, and water are considered, high-efficiency fixtures are the real way to go!

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