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This is not the official 99% Conglomerate website. It's just an experimental Directory of Subsidiaries: a Phase 1 project task.

The Conglomerate is a cooperative-like corporation made up of Subsidiaries (small businesses, co-ops, etc.) owned by you and me. There is no elite or executive. There is no CEO or public trading. Every Subsidiary owner has one share in the Conglomerate.

There is no profit sharing, one Subsidiary has no affect on others unless they are in direct competition.

Three phases are planned with distinct milestones and unique characteristics. A Phase 3 (P3) Subsidiary, for example, must follow rules as we determine in our rewrite of the Constitution in Phase 2. But as it stands, they will be forced into Workplace Democracy / Worker-owned / WSDE (http://www.democracyatwork.info/learn/?topic=history).

There is much more to the Phases and Subsidiary types, so browse more pages before jumping to conclusions.

You are asked to support Subsidiaries with your purchases and you can expect to be condemned for supporting non-Subsidiaries, given the choice.

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